When I was 16 years old I spent the weekend with our next door neighbors their daughter at the time was was mid twenties. Our parents were away on different business trips. Our neighbors had a pool. Joy, our neighbors daughter invited me over to swim. I wore, by mistake, a thong swimsuit to impress. At the time I had no idea that I had a large penis. Joy said let’s put some sunscreen on so we do not burn. Joy was in a bikini, she had me rub sunscreen on her I watched her nipples get firm. She was sitting and I was standing. My penis was swelling inside my suit. Joy face was very close to my penis. As she rubbed sunscreen on she asked , are you alright? A bit embarrassed, I replied. Why she asked. My swimsuit I said. Nothing to be embarrassed about she said. You are filling that speedo out , what material is it. I have no idea I said. Can I feel, it looks silky, or nylon. Her hands reached forward and I felt her touch on my penis. Nylon I think and you are very big. Pardon I said, you have a large penis she said. Do you like my boobs she asked. I have seen you looking at them. ? Ah! It’s okay, she said. Come on…. Would you like to see them? I know you would! I will take my suit off and you do the same and let’s swim. Come on, pull that speedo down. I did, I was erect. Doing alright she asked. I think so, I said. Now how do you like my boobs. Come over here and feel. I did. We swam and she was the first. She was the first. Our next door neighbor.

14 days
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    • Hot. Need details on the actual sex though.

    • One of the sexiest things I've ever seen a woman do was when my shy but flirty wife wore a thong panty to the reservoir to sunbathe along the shore.
      I dared her -after seeing her get off on an older very fit, very tan guy who wore one and laid his towel next to ours one day. He stayed a long time - and my young wife enjoyed every secret minute of checking his butt and 'package' out from behind her sunglasses. It was pretty obvious that he also enjoyed my wife's attention.....she's a real cutie blonde and fit, herself.
      I dared her to wear one....she did not own a thong suit - so I said, "hey - who's to know those are your panties if you don't go in the water?!"
      So, she had a couple wine coolers in the car - then she went down to the shore, stood on our blanket and stripped off her cut-offs ....and out came her pale peach colored little bare ass for all to enjoy! I had a blast putting suscreen on her - and all the men and boys around were enjoying a very rare thong in Ohio!! Pretty sure the wives knew those weren't a bathing suit! Guys were bringing their boats near the shore - and I saw a lot of guys taking photos of my sexy young wife!
      She is still a little embarrassed at her boldness that day - and also kind of proud of herself!

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