My good friend

(First of all forgive if this rhymes a little) My good friend I love her so, of all the times I wanted to take her, of all the times I asked she told me every time "no" I asked her why and she said because "I love you so" . Of all the times she and I were alone she said it didn't cross her mind to even lay down with me only for a little rest and of all the times over the long time I spend with her she tells me I'm her friend and I'm the best. One night I was laying down and she came into my room and asked me "is it alright if I lay down" of course I said yeah and I thought something special was going to be. A love made in the dark would've been nice, so I said to her "lay down with me". She layed down and went to sleep and all that night I watched her sleep, she woke in the morning and I was still awake and she rolled over to me and said "can we do it, I want to" I said "yeah, if you want" she said she wanted to. She was wearing her silk nightgown and she straddled me and said "it's about time we fucked, I couldn't hold out any longer" I was already laying there naked and I felt her pussy when she sat on me. She fucked me for an hour and got off of me and said "that's all we needed" . She layed down beside me and went back to sleep. It was an every night thing now, we fuck and sleep together. It's an every morning thing too. (Sorry to bore the rest of you. ?)

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  • That's what part of a relationship is

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