First time Cherry Popped at Sleepover

I have never told this to anyone I really know, I was in the middle of twelve years old around twenty years ago when I had my first sexual experience. It was during a sleepover at a friends who had a older brother. Cindy and I had gotten into our Barbie nighties with the matching nylon bikini panties. Cindy had an older brother Todd who was 16. He had been teasing us all afternoon, especially me. I was mostly flattered by it all. We camped out in the living room floor while their parents were upstairs getting ready for late night TV. Todd asks if I wanted to go to the basement with him and see all his swimming trophies. I say sure why not? Cindy says Brittney he's going to keep you down there for hours, let's go to sleep already. Todd says it will only be for a little bit, for her to go to sleep if she wants. I say ok and get up from the floor and go with Todd down to the basement. As we go Down in the basement Todd closes the door behind us and then starts to show me his medals and trophies of his in swimming, He has pictures of himself in bikini speedos, I say your not shy to wear those? Meaning the bikini swimsuit. He says no, that all the girls like staring at his package like I was doing. Then he asks If I have I ever seen one? Outside of accidentally seeing my dad once, I never had any clue how huge they could get. I replied "no" to Todd hoping we would move on to another topic. He responds by saying I am a pretty girl and probably the prettiest in Jr high. I say thanks. He then asks if I have kissed yet? Of course I lie and move my head up and down meaning yes. As I do that he quickly puts his lips on mine, kisses me, stood and says now you have for sure. He then takes his hand and grabs mine and says come on, there's a small bed in here. We start to move towards the bed when I say Todd what about Cindy? He then turns around and puts his arms around me and says Cindy goes to sleep quickly, besides he closed the door and that she will forget about us. He then starts to kiss me again, he puts his lips on mine and opens mine with his and starts to put his tongue in my mouth. His hands go to my sides, I fell him lifting the gown as he's kissing me, his hands now on my panties, slowly moving to the middle of my V, placing it there and softly rubbing. He stops kissing me and says Brittany are you ok? I move my head once again up and down meaning yes. He says to me he knew I would when he continues to rub over my panties. I feel him start to pull on them them and push the top of the hem down and he is under them. I push my body towards him and open my legs a bit, he is playing with my pussy with his fingers, flesh on flesh. He starts to rub more vigorously and inserts a finger in my opening, I moan at the unexpectedness of his finger inside my hole, I haven't even done this to myself. As I say Todd he quickly puts his lips on mine and starts to kiss me so I can't talk, his finger plowing my pussy in rhythem. He stops kissing me and says let's take our clothes off. I couldn't stop Todd at this point even if I wanted to. He moves his hands away from my body and grabs the nightie from the bottom and raises it up and over my head, my arms go with it to allow him to remove it. Standing in only my bra and panties, I say Todd, what if Cindy comes down here, he says not to worry that he closed the door and she was probably asleep already. I fix my panties and he says to me those are coming off next as he grabs my arm and leads me to the bed. He sits me on the bed and he removes his shirt, undoes his shorts and drops them to the floor, he is wearing blue bikini underwear. I say Todd turn the lights off, he says no that he wants to see me naked. Todd is so bold now with me. He moves me back to the bed my head lands on the pillow, he gets on top of me and starts to kiss me, his legs opening mine apart. He is back to rubbing over my panties. He stops kissing me and moves his lips to my neck, down to my breast, he is biting my nipples over my bra, my panties are pushed aside, he is finger fucking me again. He moves his head and pushes one leg further apart and says let's look at this pussy now. He moves his fingers out and pushes my panties aside and says wow Brittany...look at this snatch and spits on it and puts his face between my legs and he is kissing my other lips. I am in heaven, how does he know how to do this? He stops and says my turn. He gets me by my shoulders and sits me up, he kneels next to me and pushes his underwear down. A huge snake pops out with a huge head, he says to put it in my mouth and pushes the back of my head towards his male member. While he moves my head back and forth he release it so I can do it myself. He unsnaps my bra, says that's enough, he doesn't want to come yet... it's time to fuck you. He pushes me back on the bed and says for me to raise my hips, he wants to remove my panties. I slightly raised my behind and he grabs my panties by the sides and lifts my legs with them as he removes them. He opens my legs apart and slaps his cock on my slit. He then spits on my pussy and says time to make your pussy talk. I feel the head of his shaft entering me, I squirm and try to lift up and Todd says no, to relax that he's pushing it in slowly. I relax as he trust all of him in me. He begins to trust back and forth and says to me, can you hear your pussy talk Brittany. I am no longer innocent, finally.


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  • I was around fourteen and was at sleepover at a girlfriends house, I woke up to the sounds of heavy breathing and whispered moans along with the bed moving around slightly. My friend and I were in her bed and she was turned sideways with her legs pulled up to her shoulders, she looked over at me and told me sorry he woke you up. Her brother was kneeling on the floor next to the bed and had his face buried in between her legs. His hands were over her breasts playing with her nipples, I was in shock and excited all at the same time as I watched in the dim light. She made eye contact with me and told me he would do this to me if I wanted him to and I just stared down at his black hair moving around as she moaned and lightly gasped from his licking. I could just barely see his tongue licking her in wide long strokes, she told me all he likes to do is lick me, he does this all the time. He licked her for quite some time while I laid there watching but I told her no I did not want to be licked but part of me wishes I would have lifted my nightgown up to my neck and did the same thing.

  • You never went back? I went back quite a few times just to be fucked by him

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