I had this urge

It was right after my first wife and I got married, we were both barely 20. She was a tiny little thing, 4'8" and 93 pounds. What she had was a large set of boobs.
I had noticed that everywhere we went, men checked her out, and I mean everywhere, and every age.
One day we were at the gas station (1962 so they still did windows, checked tires) and I reached over and flipped her dress up as the kid was washing the windows. She jerked it right back down, I tugged it right back up, I was just teasing her.
The guy noticed, her lips pursed and she not only left it pulled up, she leaned her right knee over against the door.
I damn near came in my pants, that was so hot! That began a few years of looking for ways to show her off, we did gas stations, cafes, the seawall at the beach, then finally we would have a friend over. We would get a photo shoot or strip poker game going, all sorts of things. She shaved it bald, rare in those days. It always made her so wet I would last a very long time from the lack of friction. But then she got fat, if 140 is fat. She got shy, wouldn't do anything. We ended up breaking up over it.

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  • 70's we had no air in the Chevy and my wife and I would take our shirts off on hot days. She'd keep a tube top handy just in case. Truckers loved her big tits.
    Once on a long drive we took a break at a 7-11. Guess we both had highway brain. We were almost in the door and a lady yells, GIRL YOUR TITS ARE OUT.

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  • You broke up your marriage over that? Makes you sound like an asshole.

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