I am a virgin

I am a female, 20 years old and have not been with a man sexually yet. I masturbate all the time using a few things I have acquired, vibrator and a dildo plus anything else I can think of so I guess you could say I have definitely been penetrated. The dildo I use is not small, it is 8" long and quite big in girth, the first few times I used it I did not get even half of into me but within a few days I had that thing buried into me with my eyes rolling back in my head. I had never masturbated with anything that large in me and it felt absolutely amazing when I combined it with a vibe. I have earth shattering orgasms that leave me quivering on the bed, legs spent and breath gone, I cannot imagine that actual intercourse could be better but I do think about a man often between my legs. Actually sometimes I fantasize about several men stripping me down and using me for sex, it was one of my more common fantasies.

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  • Hey, maybe we could get together. I have a few good ideas. Maybe you'll find someone.

  • Would love to hear more about your fantasies

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