Mums double life.

I'm a typical 36 year old mum, i have
3 kids, a part time job, married to a good man, but I'm also a whore. I think about my pussy getting fed 24/7. When the kids are in school, if I'm not fucking someone, I'm masturbating, with anything and everything. I'll hump the bed frame, I'll watch my old neighbour gardening through the window, while naked from the waist down riding a dildo stuck on a stool. Occasionally he'll speak to me not knowing im soaking, and stretched, but I'll make sure my clevage is on show for him. I love seeing him talk to my swaying big tits. I can come with any size cock. Even if its small because it turns me on with anything inside my pussy. I meet men in hotels, i have an elderly neighbour from across the street who comes over every Wednesday to fuck me. He's not the best but its cock. I'll go out wearing a short skirt with no knickers, and I'll rub my pussy in front of strange men. 9 times out of ten I'm fucking them in my car. I've cheated with so many men, i give up counting after 28, and that was ages go. I got a ยฃ3,000 discount on our extention because i spent so much time on my back with the foreman. Weekends my husband is home, I'm like a different person. We have sex once. Come monday I'm up early, while the kids are still asleep, with my legs wide open on the utility room floor, for the man who delivers the paper. My husband thinks we pay the gardener. We don't pay him, he does the garden then he's between my legs on the sofa for half hour. Our bathroom took 4 days longer than expected, because the 2 young lads would spend so much time taking it in turns to hold my legs up while one fucked me, then switch with the other. They were my first spit roast too. My husband was saying 'don't let them slack, get them working hard' I was thinking you don't realise how hard they work your wifes pussy. I insist they all come inside me, it's so hot my cunt dribbling come in my knickers all day, makes for good lube when i move to the next man or dildo. I don't think ill ever change, my appetite is stronger as i age.

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  • Thats made me so very horny x

  • Oh man that is fuckn yessssssss

  • You are perfect!

  • Oh man! Hot

  • This is hot. More women should be like you, a married slut i love it !

  • I am one to believe guys trip over woman like the OP because they will and want to fuck. How many married guys are not getting anything or much at home. Single guys usually don't get pussy near as much as they need.

  • Nearly All the married guys I've fucked have said if they got it at home, even once a week they'd never cheat. But the majority are getting it once every 4-6 weeks. And the Foreman who i was fucking, only is allowed sex as a 'treat/reward' so birthdays, christmas, easter, and if she wants something done. I think its such a shame women treat withold sex and treat it as a reward system. Such a shame.

  • I came hard over this

  • So hot

  • Wow thats hot . Whats the most sex you've had in one day?

  • The most I've slept with in one day was 4 men. And that was a Wednesday (because old neighbour is over that day)
    I woke my husband with a blow job, i got on top of him, he blew inside me after around 2 minutes. He went to work, then i fucked the paper guy an hour later. Fast forward to the afternoon, old neighbour is around fucking me, he says i feel very moist and expanded! I laugh and tell him there's already a couple of cum loads up me. To my suprise he wants to lick my pussy, he's really enjoying tasting other mens cum off me, i fist his white hair until my clit is contracting around his lips. He fucks me and cums inside me. Then the contractor is having sloppy 4ths.

  • Thats so horny . Some men like to taste
    they own
    come but not ither dudes.
    But that
    old guy is one lucky guy to gobble all that come

  • I need a slut like you especially if you like cock and pussy my girl will fuck you too

  • Not interested in pussy, just cock

  • What is your favourite position?

  • My favourite is layed back, propping myself on my elbows, legs open, watching a cock slide in and out of my pussy.

  • Bet it looks good? Have you almost been caught?

  • I wouldn't say caught, but my husband was home sick one day, so the delivery paper guy came as usual to the back door, so i quickly stopped him tapping it, by opening first, i explained my husband was in bed ill, he turned to leave, so i grabbed him, opened my robe, and leaned against the side gate. He fucked me stood up against it.
    Another time he was home all morning, as he had a dental appointment. He was sat on the sofa with the kids engrossed in a movie. My elderly neighbour came around, so i sat him in the kitchen, and told my husband not to disturb us as he's very upset and needs to talk personally. My husband totally understood and stayed put. I quickly got in the kitchen, ordered him to lay on the floor, left his trousers up, but undid the zip and pulled his dick out, he really was worrying, but i opened my robe a little, squatted over him, opened my pussy lips which were already wet, and lowered myself onto his dick. I fucked him fast while rubbing my clit, he emptied inside me after 2 mins, which caused me to leak my cum everywhere, i stood, and he sat so his face was directly in front of my pussy, he opened my robe a little, grabbed my hips, and buried his tongue in my wet hole. My clit was throbbing, and he kept licking fast until he ate all his cum from me. It was so hot knowing my husband and kids were down the hall.

  • Just banged one out to this post and your comment

  • How old is the neigh bour??

  • 71 year old widow.

  • 71! Wow. You are one horny little mare

  • I love seeing it slide in me slow, i love seeing my cream on a dick. I love it when we're in that position and the guy is grabbing my tit hard, while he climaxes inside me.

  • Sexiest thing ever. I want a slut wife but shes far too conservative. Its every monday lights out. ๐Ÿ˜”

  • Marry me?

  • I'm glad there are some constantly horny women out there. I've fucked my share of different girls but I only had one like this one once.

  • Look for a housewife ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Would you ever have sex with a dog?
    The fuck hard and fast and have so much more cum plus it's hotter as they have a higher body temperature. When a dog stores to fuck his cock is thin but soon swells thicker and longer. When he cums, the base of his cock "the knot" swells up to lock him inside you to keep the cum in. It'll swell to the size of a medium Apple right up to a grapefruit on larger dogs

  • Dog's are terrific we have a nice patient brown Labrador and we have been humping for two years I adore it when he comes so very deep in me and knott's it is fantastic when he turns bum to bum and we are locked for quite some time initially my husband was always present and assisted the mounting but we are so experienced now he often does not even watch

  • That's utterly gross. The poster stated she was not interested in sex with animals, yet you still put this vile comment on there. Go and speak on the other animal posts as you can clearly see, it has nothing to do with the posters confession.

  • Doesn't do anything for me -personally, in the slightest.

  • I would LOVE my wife to be like this.

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