Wife was gushing

So my company had their end of the year party last weekend. Just happened to be a weekend that we could schedule it. Had it indoors at a hotel and they have an indoor pool. Everyone was having drinks and eating food and swimming.

One of my good buddies came out of the pool and went to the table next to mine to get a drink and hit his vape. Wife saw him and said, "Who is that?" I said, "Who? Brett?" She said, "Yeah. He's hot as hell." I said, "You think so?" She said, "Absolutely. I'd love to have him bend me over." I said, "Oh, like if you weren't married?" She said, "Either way. He buys me a drink tonight, I'm fucking him. I got to have it."

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  • Haha, wifey said that to me once, and she kept good on her word, and banged my boss

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