My Aunt

My Aunt was amazing, she was widowed when my dad's brother passed away and since they had no children she was really close to our family. She only lived about three miles from us so I was tasked with everything from yard maintenance to house painting to changing a light bulb. I did anything for her because after about a year of his passing she asked me to come inside one day, I was around seventeen at the time. One of her first questions to me was have you had sex yet? I was a little surprised but told her yes, lying my ass off. Her next move was sudden as she grabbed my hand and pulled me back to her bedroom. She got up on her bed and pulled her dress up over her back, she told me that she was going to rub herself but wanted me to enter her doggie style and pretend I was whatever woman I wanted her to be.
I looked at her bottom sticking up in the air watching her fingers circling her clit quickly and was getting pretty aroused so I dropped my pants to the floor and stepped up to her, I got hard in seconds and began rubbing my head on her pussy. She immediately pushed herself backwards and I was buried deeply in her, I felt her fingers rubbing my balls going between herself and them. She began moving back and forth then told me to start fucking her harder. I started out slow but she kept telling me to harder and faster so after than I found myself grabbing her hips and plunging away on her, she kept telling me yes over and over, perfect do not stop.
After several minutes she obviously knew I would be on the verge of orgasm because she told me again to not stop, just cum inside her and do not stop. I pushed right thru my orgasm and after a few more minutes felt her pussy gripping my cock with contractions and she was moaning out to keep going.
She finally slid forward and laid on the bed for just a moment before turning around, she then slid off the bed and kneeled in front of me immediately grabbing my cock with both hands and sucking it right into her mouth. She was like a mad woman with her head going back and forth and twisting side to side sucking on me. I was hard again in a few minutes and she got right back up on the bed in the same position and told me to do it as hard and long as I could last. I rammed her for a good ten minutes just watching her head lay on the bed and listen to her moan out with pleasure, she would reach her hands back and rub my balls as I went in and out of her. I finally felt like I was going to have another orgasm and just buried myself into her and let it go while she pushed against me and gripped the bed. I slowly pulled out of her looking down and my cock, it was a mess as was she dripping down onto her bed and dress. She did not even care as she turned around again and licked my cock clean then sucked on me for a few minutes moaning out and gasping at my cock. She told me I was hung like a horse and would really make some wife happy one day.
I joined the military and was gone for a few years but one holiday I took three weeks off and went back home, my Aunt gave me a huge a hug and told me I had to stop by in a few days once I saw all my friends and have lunch with her. I was at her house for about half an hour and she turned the conversation to sex asking me when the last time I had it. I just laughed at her and told her a while, she asked me if I wanted to go back to her bedroom and have some fun again and I could not say no to her, she is so damn sexy and this time she gave me three orgasms over a few hours. I was feeling like I was ramming her to hard but she just kept telling me it was perfect, she sucks a cock like it is her soul purpose and loves to do it. I stopped over at her house about six times during that leave and each time was sexual ecstasy. I am due for leave for a few more months and cannot wait to go back home and have sex with her again, she is definitely one of the hottest women I have ever had sex with to date.

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