My drunk husband

My husband can sure drink and in most cases drink tell he passes out. Being sober he is the best, He works hard and stays clean and fit. And has a good size cock. But when drinking all fucking bets are off. Last week he got drunk by 8pm and passed out on the living room floor. I said fuck it. I un zipped his pants and pulled out his cock and let my sister suck on it. It never got hard but she sure liked sucking on it. She is 45 years old and we both lol about it all night. Next time I might let the guy down road suck his cock.

Apr 11


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    • Shove it in my mouth

    • Suck on this tasha Ron told her,his cock had been up her sisters arse and there was my wife sucking on it,dirty fucking bitch he called his daughter,tasha was sitting on the chair sucking her father's cock and Ron reached down and felt her pussy,he then put a cushion under his knees and slid his cock in tasha's hairy pussy,wow its fucking amazing tasha kept saying as he fucked her,by now leigh and myself were dping karla,Ron told tasha to sit on him,before he laid on the floor he watched us fucking karla in both holes,tasha sat on his cock and bounced up and down on it,put it in your arse Ron said to tasha,I had to look at that,I got from between karla's legs and sat on the floor watching tasha holding her dad's cock guiding it slowly to her arsehole, it seemed to take forever for her to take it her hairy cunt faced me with her dad's cock up her arsehole,she got used to the size of it and her hips got faster and faster riding him,I had to get between her legs and fuck her pussy,her body shook with pleasure,leigh took my place as I needed the toilet,when I came back karla and tasha were both giving Ron a blowjob, I want to see you playing with your pussies he told his daughters,karla and tasha both then sat on the sofa opened their legs and rubbed their clits as Ron wanked his big cock

    • Fuck it dad tasha said to her father,me and leigh moved to the side of karla and Ron got into position,before karla could say anything she cried out as her father stretched open her back door,no we can't karla tried saying to Ron,be quiet you dirty slut he called her! You tell her Ron I said,arhh my fucking god karla kept saying as Ron pushed more and more of his cock up her,almost his entire length was in her and he fucked her with a bit more force,tasha sucked me and Leighs cock before we spitroasted her infront of Ron,she's not the only one mind Ron I told my father in law as I gave him a good view of my cock going in his other daughters ass! You two married the right sisters didn't you Ron said to me and leigh, time for you to put some effort in he said to karla,I had to see her hole after he'd fucked it,Jesus fuck I said looking at karla's arse,leigh you've got to see this,he took his cock out of tasha's mouth and came to look at his wife's arsehole,fucking hell babe he said to her my fist could fit in there, karla sat on the sofa out of breath, oh my god she sighed,Ron wanted his other daughter.

    • Leigh looked over laughed and agreed with me then stopped fucking tasha and got infront of karla putting his cock in her mouth covered in her sister's pussy juices, what's her ass feel like Steve leigh asked? Hot I answered, tasha kneeled down next to her sisters ass cheeks watching my cock fucking karla,my cock slipped out of karla's arse and my drunk dirty bitch of a wife took it in her mouth,Ron had moved over to us and stared at his oldest daughters gaping arse before I pushed my cock back into her, leigh came around the back of his wife's arsehole with me and Ron to the side of us, Ron's cock made mine and Leighs look pathetic which tasha noticed! Shame to let that go spare! Tasha give leigh a blowjob and looked at her father the whole time,I love sucking cock dad she said and cupped her dad's balls! Suck his cock baby I told my wife,that's so fucking horny leigh said,karla got off the sofa and saw her little sister sucking their fathers cock! I don't know about this she said! It's a bit late for that now Ron said to her! Anyway weren't you busy getting your arse fucked? Karla stood open mouthed before leigh started to fuck her again, tasha laughed as she tried to get as much of her dad's cock in her mouth, what do you think of that Ron? Leigh took his cock from karla and showed Ron her well fucked arsehole,

    • As we got our breath back nothing could have prepared us for what happened next, we all moved to the lounge and continued where we left off,karla was sat on my cock and leigh was fucking tasha on the sofa,anyone here a familiar voice said,we all stopped fucking as the door opened,it was the girls father Ron! Omg dad karla shouts out! I don't need to guess what's going on here Ron said,leigh and tasha being a lot more drunk than karla and I carried on fucking,karla told them to stop and was then left speechless by her fathers response,don't let me stop you Ron said! Yeah you heard him leigh said nearly losing his balance fucking tasha,I stood up off the floor and with a bit of force pushed karla over the couch and quickly put my cock back inside her,omg Steve stop for christ sake! Karla's tits swung back and forth and Ron said be careful Steve they might knock you out! Fuck dad karla said,I could feel her resistance ease with each stroke of my cock,arhh shit she said don't stop! Then told me to put it back in her ass! Ron tried to hide the bulge in his trousers but couldn't stop himself and undid his trousers,out popped this cucumber of a cock which I reacted first to, holy shit Ron that's the biggest cock I've ever seen,

    • I could hear tasha moaning as leigh fucked her,I looked over at them and karla asked me if I liked watching her get fucked? I think I do I admitted to her,did you hear that sis? Steve likes watching you get fucked! Her attention switched back to me telling me to fuck her deeper,she gives me this really naughty look and asked me if I wanted to fuck her arsehole, what do you think I replied not believing my luck,she jumped off the worktop and walked to the dining table and bent over the opposite side to tasha, I moved behind her and she pulled her ass cheeks apart,her arsehole was there for me to fuck,I rubbed my cock against her pussy lubing the tip of it with her juices,she had obviously been fucked up her ass loads of times as my cock went inside quite easily,what about you tasha leigh asked her? Like some bum sex? She loves it leigh I said to him as I fucked his wife's arsehole,I looked at tasha's face as she gasped,I knew leigh was in her arsehole,I need a drink karla said and we all stopped for a bit.

    • I looked on as he wet the end of his cock before pushing it in my wifes cunt! Karla turned her head as she held my cock in her hand,I always wanted to fuck you Steve she said as she got to her feet,karla is a lot shorter than tasha but her tits were twice the size,she took her top off then her bra,fuck me I said,she looked at me smiling then pulled my head into her breasts where I sucked on her nipples, bite them she said wanking my cock,I rubbed her pussy over her jeans and told her to take them off,I wanted to see her pussy and lifted her onto the kitchen worktop,she kept her legs closed pushing her knickers down and as they fell to the floor she opened them for me,tasha has a hairy cunt but her sisters was even hairier, I tongued her clit pushing my fingers inside her hole,I couldn't wait any longer,I had to fuck her,I stood on my tip toes and watched my cock slide up her pussy,

    • Me and my brother in law leigh had to show our cocks to my wife tasha and her sister karla after celebrating my birthday at our house,we were all in the kitchen and karla remarked how good I was for 44 ! She and leigh are 3 years older than me and tasha, that's not all that's good for it's age tasha slurred sipping more of her wine,really karla said my leigh isn't bad either! I think we should judge for ourselves sis ,cmon boys get them out,leigh and I did what the girls asked and we wanked our cocks trying to get hard,we both got hard pretty much at the same time,our cocks were virtually the same size but mine was thicker which karla noticed,mmm nice cock Steve she said and walked closer to me putting her hand around my cock,look at these two leigh said to tasha well come over here then my extremely drunk wife said,she was sat at our dining table,she put her glass down and turned to leigh as he approached her with his hard cock,my wife started sucking his cock then karla gets to her knees and takes me in her mouth,leigh and I smiled to one another then he feels my wifes tits and tells her to stand up,they started kissing then leigh spins her around bending her over the table,as it was the middle of summer tasha was wearing a loose fitted dress which leigh pushed up over her hips exposing her white knickers which he pulled down

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