Camping trip

My girlfriend and I used to go camping along the canal. We would drive down this long farmers lane to where the canal crossed a river. We camped there because it was quiet and most people didn't know about it. That and we could camp there for free.

So we were camping there one weekend, and it was late when a group of people showed up to camp as well. Three guys and two girls asked if they could join us. We said sure and started talking with them. Come to find out, they were all into swinging. There used to be three girls, but they had recently broken up.

They asked us of we wanted to join. I was kind of interested, but my girlfriend immediately said no. We sat and watched as they stripped off their clothes and started having sex. Two of the guys spit roasted the one girl while the other guy and girl were fucking. The sight of them having sex was like a live porno. It naturally got my girlfriend worked up and we stripped our clothes to have sex with eachother.

At first they didn't notice we were naked. I was sitting in the chair with my girlfriend on her knees in front of me, sucking my dick. Then one of the guys on the spit noticed and walked up behind my girlfriend. He gestured to ask if it was okay and I shook my head yes. He knelt down behind my girlfriend and started to rub her pussy with his hand. She quickly turned around to see this other guy, and then turned back to me with a look as if to ask whether I was okay with this. I whispered it's ok, and she went back to sucking my dick.

I watched this guy continue rubbing her with his hand, and then scoot in closer putting his dick up to her pussy. With a few slow thrusts, he shoved his dick inside my girlfriends pussy. I could tell she liked it as I could feel her moan while sucking my dick. He started slow and first, but then worked up to a good rithum. A few times my girlfriend stopped sucking me, and I was sure she was having an orgasm.

He was the only guy to have sex with my girlfriend other than me that night. After he finished, my girlfriend jumped on top of me and rode me to finish. After I finished, we went to our tent and went to bed while they continued to fuck eachother into the early morning. The next day we got up and left before they awoke. To this day I still don't know who they were are even what their last names were.

My girlfriend and I eventually married and we're still together today. We'll sometimes talk about that night, but we have never repeated it nor have we ever had sex with anyone else.. but who knows, maybe someday we'll run into another group of swingers, and I'll get to watch another guy fuck my wife doggy style again.

1 month ago

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    • I used to go camping with three guys that I've known since high school. Then we all got girlfriends and stopped going. My girlfriend said that she would like to go camping and I set up a weekend camping trip. I thought that all our girlfriends would be there but only one came as the other two said that they had no interest. So we went with four guys and two girls. It was hot and soon all of us guys took off our clothes and went swimming. My girlfriend and the other girl took off their clothes and joined us. After we got our and dried off we stayed nude. My girlfriend was seemed interested in the other guys cocks. After dinner my girlfriend and I went into our tent and I was going to fuck her since I was so horny and she asked me to get one of the other guys to fuck her. I watched as two guys took their turns fucking my girlfriend and then I went into the tent where the other girl was. I watched as she was fucked and then I fucked her. My girlfriend who had only been with me was fucked by all three of my friends and me that night and the other girl was also fucked by all four of us guys. I asked my girlfriend to marry me later that summer and the next year we got married. We have talked about that night many times but have never repeated it.

    • We went camping and my girlfriend was mauled to death by bears. Still, beats being murdered by blacks in the city!

    • My wife was hesitant about swinging at first. I asked and she said no. I asked again and she said no again. Then she started working for this new law firm, and became friends with the girl she works with. She and her husband are swingers, so my wife started asking her questions. My wife came home one day and said she wanted to try it. So we met up with this girl and her husband for drinks. We ended up back at their place where I spent the night in the guest bedroom with his wife, while my wife spent the night in his bedroom. I don't know which was more exciting. The fact that I was fucking his beautiful wife, or the fact that he was fucking my beautiful wife.

    • Why don't you just ask her if she wants to ride another sausage?

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