Has anyone ever sucked off a Horse? I don't mean a big dick, I mean a four legged Horse? If you have, what dose his cum taste like?? I would love for one to drown me with it!!

7.8 years ago

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    • Please cani suck his dick its my deepest sexual fantasy

    • Horse cum taste absolutely delicious!.
      I absolutely love playing with my horse's cock... Mmmm he gets so wild when I work it. I try to worship it nice and slow, and omg the moment he starts cumming 🤤

    • ....

    • A horses penis doesn't taste very good at all, horse cum is even worse tasting than the penis. But a dogs penis doesn't have a lot of taste, and neither does dog cum. A dogs penis and cum taste a lot better than a man's does.

    • I could never get my dog to let me suck his dick. All he ever wanted to do was fuck me.

    • When the wife and kids are not home, I still like to suck off the dog's cock. You are right not much taste but sometimes he can cum more than a man. As a kid I use to watch the girl next door suck her dog cock. One day I try it. 40 years old and still like to suck dog when I get a chance.

    • It’s my life goal to blow a horse with fat balls until it fills my mouth and spills cum all over me

    • Same but I wanna fill my ass up get under em n put his big dick n past the sheath at the mercy of cock longer than ur arm

    • Anyone in San Diego have a horse I can suck off cause like I always wanted too 🥴

    • God sucks horse cock everyday of the year and swallowed his cum.

    • Sucked off a stallion pony the other day... he loved it and so did I!
      We're lovers now! He cums gallons!

    • Wish my wife would suck our stud horse and fuck him too

    • I have always wanted to suck a horses cock till he cums and swallow it all can i do that with your horse you can take a video of it

    • My email is

    • Hey. Is there anyone in lower Arizona with a horse I could suck off? It's always been a fantasy of mine but I've never had the chance to fulfill my desire for a big horse cock down my throat.

    • In Arizona. My girl who is in her 30s has wanted to suck a horsecock Since she was a teen. How could she make that happen

    • Hey anyone in texas have a horse I can suck I want to know what it's like to have a horse explode in my mouth

    • I am in south Texas looking for same.

    • Let's link up if got the horse dick hook up please do I want to feel it taste it drain it

    • My GF really wants to suck/fuck a horse. We’re in Wa. Anyone with info/ideas? Thanks.

    • Email me..

    • I suck and fuck my stud horse all the time and my husband helps me I feed him peppermint treats everyday after about a week you can taste it in his cum but it wasn’t bad tasting before I started feeding him treats where you from your more than welcome to come try him he’s fucks me too I love it and my husband does too he always fucks me soon as GB pulls out of me

    • I wanna fuck ur stud please

    • I would love to suck your horse

    • I'd love to taste his cum

    • Yeah, I Really would like to swallow some horse cum IN NE PENNSYLVANIA

    • I'd love to participate with you and your stud!

    • Hello. Any chance I/we could come so my GF could do the same?

    • Your confession are making me get really turned on lm a sex freak anyway
      Yes I would love to find a stable that would let me suck up some horse cum I would be there every day I have talked to a few people but always empty if someone has e lead let me know I guess leave in in a comment God I would love to stick my tongue in the head of his cock

    • I would like that also,NE PENNSYLVANIA

    • One day while out horseback riding I was on my stallion he was a "big horse" he was calm and gentle too but while I was riding hin I stopped my a pond to let him drink it was really hot outside but when i looked at him his cock was hanging down it was about 1 1/2 feet long about 3 inches round but damn I got to my knees and felt butterflies in my stomach...but it was a fantasy of mine so I reached for was very silky and smooth to the touch....and I couldn't help but jerk him off.....but as i was jerking him i put my lips around his tip and when he was cumming it was hard to get all of it so i backed off of his cock and i let him blow all over me it was amazing....but the taste wasn't too bad....I'd definitely do it again one day

    • I would love to do this one day with you I got a know what horse cum taste like?

    • Can I meet you? Russ

    • I've suck alot of dog cock love the taste never a horse but I would love to wrap my lips around a huge horse cock lust after his hot cum

    • Really, dog cum tastes grezt,?

    • A dad would love to suck it have fantasies all the time about do it and the amount of cum in my mouth takes sting his cum as it runs down my throte .and spraying the rest of my body

    • South Texas guy here would love to do it regularly

    • If you find anything lmk looking for same

    • Would love to give it a go but I'm from the UK:/

    • Anyone sucking horse Dick in Arkansas

    • Lmk if you find anything

    • I'm in south Carolina but I wish I give you a show lol

    • I'm in SC too. Looking for a horse dick to suck

    • Anyone know where to suck a horses cock in Chicago

    • Try to find a close stable near you and ask to ride a horse then while nobody is looking hide with the horse and get dirty with the sexy beast

    • Can anyone help me suck a horse cock while dressed as a women

    • OMG I just about shot my wad at the thought of this! I’m all in.

    • Oh That sounds like something the whore in me might want to do as well.

    • I wanna try it i live in Chicago

    • I want to suck it with you ❤️

    • I want to try I it I live in UK tho I wanna suck a horses cock can anyone help me

    • Cool

    • Big juicy horse cock

    • I want to meet someone with horses and dogs to suck in Pa

    • Hey let me know because I want to do it too

    • Any one in Pennsylvania

    • You can in Maryland.

    • Need a big horse cock pumping cum down my throat

    • I just emailed asking about sucking horse cock. waiting for a reply

    • Hi, I,m Bill and I live in Pasadena MD. I would like to try and suck a big long horse dick. Please give back a reply so we can make things happen.

    • I live in Pennsylvania

    • Have a y possibility

    • I want to suck you after your done

    • I wanna try badly!

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