Make me a cucky

I have had the thought of my wife getting gangbanged by several bbcs for a long time now. Now I cant reach an erection without thinking about it.

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  • It was so satisfying making my husband a cuckold but I didn't mean to,he ended up wanting it,kinda like his sacrifice to stay with me.

  • That’s all I thought about since my wife’s past included sex with black guys in and after college.Was able to ask her what she wanted and desired the most.
    After discussing over and over during hot sex we unexpectedly hooked up with a much younger handsome white male when we were on vacation. She spotted him as he served several tables next to ours. She made her move and invited him to our hotel room. We drank at the bar until it was almond time to meet him.
    I loved everything about it. It all happened as if I wasn’t even there. She was extremely turned on by him and him being much taller and more equipped had us both lusting after she pulled down his pants and saw him naked.She really thanked me for turning her on to to this.
    This was the hottest night for both of us

  • How big was he then? And did she let him cum in her?

  • Couldn't get to grips with the fact my husband wanted the same thing.And still was in disbelief that I was naked under the sheets of another mans bed.But when he dropped his pants and his long hard dick hung down wards while being erect,I knew I was in for one hell of a night.

  • I’m the same way. The only thing that arouses me is fantasizing about this one guy I hate fucking my virgin fiancée.

  • Who's the guy then?

  • He’s someone that used to bully me in school, and, more or less, still does so. Basically, the only thing that arouses me is imagining him fucking my virgin fiancée.

  • Wow intense.The need must be uncontrollable.I know I've been there.

  • It’s uncontrollable and intensifying!

    Right before I start to cum, I realize how desperately I need my fiancée’s virgin cunt to squeeze my bully’s cock, because of the humiliation of her letting the bully who used to torment me (and sometimes still does) enjoy how it feels to be the first man to put his dick in my fiancée’s virgin pussy.

  • Think another guy would be better as your bully having that over you would probably mean humiliation you didn't want.Wouldn't you rather him to be discreet too,he'd probably tell everyone that he did it.

  • I’ve thought about this. I’m certain he wouldn’t tell everyone, since doing so would embarrass my fiancée. After he takes her virginity, he’ll know she’ll always prefer his dick to mine, so he’ll not ruin the long-term benefit of that. I’m pretty sure she’d go above and beyond to please him, too, so he’ll never tell anyone.

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