Forbidden Licks from a Beast

I cheated on my boyfriend, recently. It only happened once. Valentines Day was always great. Usually, it would end up with us in a bed of roses, candles and a little whipp. But this year my boyfriend wanted to go fishing. So after breakfast he called me into the bathroom. Gently kissing my mouth as he slowly sat me down on the toliet. He removed his pants and I blushed acting bashful as I licked his cock. The tip of his head tasted like fresh soap and was so smooth. I enjoyed every inch as it slide down my throat. Untill he quickly pulled my head away and left me feeling unsatisfied. He bit my delicious pout and spanked me. Whispering in my ear to bend over, as I did as I was told he kissed my neck and pushed my leggings down. Fully exposing me to him as he slammed his head into my tight awaiting pussy. The folds of my lips wrapped around his cock as the tightness left him shaking. I moaned and he came quickly. Then without as much as an i love you. Left me alone in the bathroom to my thoughts as he left to go fish with his brothers. Angry and a little bitter i tossed my phone onto the bed and tried to wash away the feelings. He of course was just punishing me like the good little brat I am. But today of all days ! The cold shower didn't help, my body was still hot and bothered. I wanted to cum. So naturally I collapsed onto the bed. That is when Dean came into the room. A medium sized dog, he was my boyfriends. The mut wasnt fixed and would run off often to chase tail. I begged him to get a shock collar so he wouldn't get hit again. This left Dean bitter towards me. He hated me. But today the fluffy mut found me rubbing myself naked on his master bed. And started to sniff me. I tried to shoo him away but he leaped up onto the bed and growled. I paused. I had a small fear of dogs as a girl. He used his nose again to sniff what he wanted. Right between my legs. He licked up my pussy once. Gently. Then twice a little faster. Till finally he dug his hole snout into my folds. I moaned. It felt amazing. When I tried to move his paw came up and cut me slightly on my leg. As if warning. Apparently Dean like his master was too an alpha in bed. Before I knew it the dog had my quaking with need. I whispered his name and gently petted his head. Which he allowed. It felt so good untill he stopped suddenly and started circling around me. I went to get up. The guilt from it hit me hard. This was wrong. But Dean snarled and I stilled again. This time the dog came up and started rubbing at my leg. A dirty thought hit me. What would it be like if he actually put it inside me. Not my pussy of course. I licked my lips and tried to kick Dean away. Which he responded with a nip to my side. It hurt. I fell down onto the bed suddenly and he changed positions. His cock slide straight into my tight little ass. I groaned it felt amazing. Shaking he pinned me down and started to fill me with all he had. I came hard and fast. His cock started to knot as I tried to get away he came. His cock knotted deep inside me. Panting we layed like that for a few moments. Before he got off me and licked the remains off my body. I stood shell shocked as I bit my lip watching him jump off the bed and leave me. That night when my boyfriend came home I felt guilty. For I liked it. I cheated on him with a dog. And I would again. The next time he left me and Dean alone.


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  • Sweetie. I'm 24F and let me tell you this, that dog will breed you like you're his bitch and you'll love it, I've been taking my dogs cock and knott for over two years now

  • I want to hear more please

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