Latina white raceplay

There needs to be more Latina white bull raceplay, where beta Latinos jerk off to their girls getting fucked by big white dick. White stud on Latina wife is the best kind of cuckolding there is and Latina raceplay should become the new kissing lesbians

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  • My wife is half Latina half white. I’m Hispanic. She loved fucking white guys in College but her parents would not care if they found out. She told me one night she saw a cute tall white guy. They went to his car and they fooled around. She had no idea his cock would be the size it was. She sucked him but wanted it in her. She wanted it bad. They went to his place where they rippyeach other clothes off. She said he was the biggest guy she had ever had. She said she fucked him every position possible and she came so much that night. She had a boyfriend and he had a girlfriend but they continued to fuck each other over and over. No cock she dated fell like his. She met me when she was having sex with him. I found out and she told me this story. She had been leaving sex with him Thurs before we spent the weekend together then when she left o Sunday’s she would go to his house to get pleasured. I told her it was over and she begged me to stay. I told her I wanted to hear everything about him. One day we went into a adult store to buy some toys when she pointed out a dildo that resembled his. I was like holy smokes your kidding...She said almost exactly. It was a 10” inch and at least 6” thick. She said yes I told you he was big.
    I couldn’t blame her for wanting his huge cock. I told her I was moving away and she followed me when we eventually got married

  • Does she think white guys fuck the best?

  • Steve outta fuck Gianinna

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