Little Mia

She came to spend the weekend with us over the Christmas holidays. I had seen her many times before when she hung out with my daughter in HS
Her name Mia a little petite blonde 5’1
Although she is smallher ass is perfect and round. I used to love watching her walk around the house. She knew I liked her and I knew she liked me. She flirted every chance she could. She decided to stay home while my wife and daughter went shopping. It wasn’t long before I couldn’t hold back. I hugged her from behind and rubbed her entire body. She didn’t resist then after passionately kissing I pull down her shorts and attack her asshole from behind. This drove her crazy and it was long before my thumb found its way into her tight pussy. I hadn’t felt a pussy this time since many many years ago. After fingering her and eating her pussy from behind she came hard.
I payed her down and ate out her nicely trimmed Pusssy until she came hard.
She ducked my cock but needed much more practice... it was still hot knowing a young 19 year old was eagerly sucking my 49 year old cock. I got on top of her with the idea of just rubbing my cock against her Pussy. While kissing I did this for a while.It wasn’t long g before she’s trying to guide me inside of trying to get inside of her but it seems too tight. I go down on her tryin to get her wet again.
My cock will only go about 3/4 inside of her when I’m hitting bottome. I cannot believe how tight Mia is.After a while of slow pumping her I’m hitting bottom and she’s screaming she’s cumming. Our lips are locked almost the entire time if I’m not sucking on her little perky tits. I’m trying to enjoy her tight pussy as long as I can cause I’m unsure if I’ll
ever get to again. After making her cum several times I can’t hold back anymore and shoot off inside of her. The entire time she’s there she’s making sure she walks by me to tease me with her tight bubble ass. That night I fuck my wife thinking about how sex with Mia was so much better and different. Mia has moved back to continue school close by. We see each other at least twice a month

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  • Hard typing with one hand ain't it ?

  • Similar thing happened when I was a teenager. I just graduated and it was summer time, I would start college in the fall. My dad’s friend from the Air Force retired and came to stay with us while he was transitioning and looking for a job. My parents would go to work in the morning and I’d stay him with Dan. He was nice to me and would make me breakfast every morning. He would drive me to the mall and drop me off and pick me up wherever I wanted to go. My boyfriend spent the night one night without my parents knowing and he snuck out in the morning after they left but Dan saw him leaving. He asked me about it and warned me about sex and getting pregnant and diseases. We talked a lot and while we were talking he started telling me how lucky the guy was to have me and that he thought I was pretty. He moved in for a kiss and for some reason I kissed him. We had sex that morning, and almost every morning after that. Some days we’d jidt eat and lay in bed all day and do it. He taught me a lot about giving BJs and other things. After a couple of months he moved out of town. It was awkward when he came to my wedding when I was 23, just a some years later. My parents invited him. My husband doesn’t know, but he has met him. I did things with him that I haven’t ever done with anyone including my husband!

  • Mia sounds hot

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