Video and pictures of my mates girlfriend

I was out drinking over the weekend,a mate of mine came over " dez" and asked if i was going onto a nightclub.
I said yeah then he asked me why my pal dale had split up with his girlfriend carla,which was once a girlfriend of "dez's"
I said they hadnt and that dale was on leave from the raf in 2 weeks and were all going to ibiza for 10 days.
Dez then said well she is cheating on him like she did me,i said nahhh they get on to well and only been together since december,he says well she is on a website pictures and videos,then told me the website and said put her name in the search bar on the site.The night went on and at 4am i went home and was about to go to bed when Dez txts me... did you look on the website i didnt reply and instead flicked open my laptop went on the website.Dez had said and i put her name in and for the next 20 minutes i must have sat there with my mouth open.
there were 12 photos and 3 video's all llasting less than 4 minutes.i clicked throough the pictures and then onto the videos,and she is getting dp'd and one of the blokes is black then the same 2 are spit roasting her and the last one on her knees whilst they cum on her.
I then felt the " shit how do i tell my mate " guilt come over me im going to have to tell him that i watched his girlfriend getting dp'd by 2 men both in there late 30's and carla is only 20.
I keep thinking its not her and just someone that looks like her or it was before she got with my mate,but even still what a slut if it is her,
Ive studied the photos for freckles and moles what earings she had on and she had a pendant on a chain,ive rang her tonight to ask ifi can call tomorrow to sort the holiday out.and see if she is wearing the chain and pendant or earings etc.
If it turns out to be her shall i tell my pal or deny i even went on the website or whay????

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  • If you are smart you will stay out of it. There are billions of people on the planet, maybe one of them look just like her. I walked right up to a woman in a store and started talking to her. She gave me a funny look and I then realized it was not my sister in law, a woman I have known for ten years.. They looked so similar they could have passed for twins. My point being you could be wrong and ruin her relationship over nothing.

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