Things you do for money

Hi im angie,54,divorced recently lost my job and really struggling to make ends meet,id applied for every job you could think of but nothing,I had no help from the system,so there was only one thing I could think of,sell myself! I knew of the brothel in the city so I swallowed my pride and jumped on the bus and headed there,the girl on the desk was really helpful and told me to take a seat while she got the boss,to my surprise it was a woman,I explained my situation to her and she told me I wasn't the only one there with the same problem,ok she said I'll give you a try! The younger ones have got a thing for older women she said laughing,have you got any sexy underwear? I showed her what I had,no offence angie but the guys want something more kinky than those! I'll see what I've got here for you,she returns 5 minutes later with fish net tights and the skimpiest knickers id ever seen,try these on angie and come into my office when you're ready.i got undressed and put my new garments! On,my pussy hair was showing such was the size of my undies and my bra pushed my tits right up.into the office I went.angie,angie! The guys are going to love you my dear,what do I do now I said? Just wait for the gentlemen now luv! It's Wednesday night so it shouldn't be busy,I joined the other girls in the waiting area I suppose you call it! I'm just going to ring my son to say I'm working late so he doesn't worry I told the girls,no problem one said,I phoned Stuart my son and told him I'd gotten a job cleaning but won't be home till late,ok mum,I'll see you in the morning.i sat back with the girls waiting! It was really quiet,then around 10 o'clock the bell rang,look sexy girls we've got a customer,I could have died!! It was Stuarts friend Bobby!! Id known Bobby all his life like all Stuarts friends,madame puts her arm around Bobby and asks him which girl he'd like,he looked at all of us and realised who I was! That one there Bobby said pointing at me!! See I told you angie! They like the older ones madame said laughing,room 4 for you two,Bobby looked at me and smiled,took my hand and we walked down the corridor,he grabbed my bum and said what the hell are you doing here angie? We got the the door and walked in,I explained to Bobby that this was all I could do for money thinking that we'd just talk,what if I gave you £20 more what extras do I get angie!! You are kidding right Bobby? Fuck no I've paid £50 for you! Jesus Christ he was serious,let's see those tits angie I've wanked over them many a time,what option did I have but to take off my bra,mmmm look at those beauties Bobby said,now those knickers woman! I was so embarrassed,Bobby starts rubbing his trousers,I take my knickers off standing totally naked in front of a guy id known since nursery school,oh yes,I can't believe im about to fuck my mates mother,Bobby got undressed and told me to suck his cock,I felt dirty and cheap but I was desperate,I sank to my knees and took his cock in my mouth,that's it angie suck it! He was hard really quick,I've wanted to do this for years Bobby says,get on the bed and spread your legs,so I did! I always thought you'd have a hairy cunt angie mmmm I could feel his cock trying to find my hole then he was inside me,fuck this is hot Bobby grunted,you get half hour with a customer unless they pay more,time was nearly up,on your face your having it,Bobby pulled his cock out and lunged at my face with his cock in hand and fired his cum over me! Fuck I can't believe I've just fucked my mates mother ( laughing) thanks angie,got dressed and just walked out,I cleaned myself up and went back to the waiting area,great work angie and on your first night,go on get yourself home madame told me,I put my clothes back on and got in just before midnight,I felt used but I was desperate.i didn't work on Thursday as I'd agreed every other night,Friday was the busiest night,anyway men were back and forth all night but I wasn't picked for whatever reason,I had to stay later on Fridays because of the nightclubs,it was 1 in the morning,the bell rang and in they walked,Bobby and another one of Stuarts friends Lewis! Madame brought them over and said angie this must be your lucky night,these handsome men are willing to pay double if you'd accommodate them? I needed every penny I could get,I reluctantly nodded,room 2 gentlemen,enjoy!! I was in the middle of Bobby and Lewis both of them groping my bum,see I told you mate! I'm speechless Lewis replied,I know it's unbelievable isn't it! Show Lewis those tits angie,Lewis was a sweet kid or so I thought,wait till you see her bush pal,he'd already got his cock out and was wanking,I was naked again infront of 2 this time,we always wanted to fuck you growing up angie,id never realised at the time that all my sons friends were lusting over me,Bobby stripped off, we're both going to fuck you angie,we've paid enough!! Suck us both off ! I took turns with them then Lewis wanted to see their 2 cocks in my mouth together! They high fived each other saying look at her !! Lewis threw me onto the bed and fucked me doggy,suck Bobby's cock you tart,they were loving it,angie if I give you another £50 can I fuck your ass? I couldn't sink any lower anyway,yes OK but I want the money first,Lewis reached over to his jeans and pulled his wallet out,there you go £50,bend over the bed,Lewis spat onto my arse and put a finger in me then two and wiggled them about! Get it I heard Lewis say to Bobby! I felt Lewis cock pushing at my arsehole! Look at that Bobby get it! I realised what they were doing then,Bobby was taking pictures of Lewis fucking my arse,the slut can take it easy pal look! Your turn, Bobby starts fucking me in my arse,how about we give you another £20 and we fuck you together? I was to far gone to care,money first then! Lewis slipped me another £20,get underneath her mate,Bobby layed flat on the bed I straddled him,move your leg a bit pal I can't get in,they shuffled about a bit then I could feel the two of them in me! They swapped around a few times before spraying me with cum! Same time next week angie said Lewis,id made £70 in 45 minutes I just hope Stuart doesn't find out that his mates are fucking me...

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    • You have a pretty good job darling I would keep it even if the boys keep coming who cares their money is probably better than some drunk, hey get that boys keep Cumming.

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