Helping the homeless or no good deed?

This isn't just for you men us women can have fun also I hope you are aware. My hubby is a do-gooder and he just can't help himself. He went to Lowes a few months back and when he returned he had more than just dirt, grass seed, and fertilizer. He comes home with this dirty grungy stranger he picked up out from holding a sign saying, " will work for food." Everyone else drove right by this man. Not my husband. No he parked on the other side of the road and goes out to talk with him. What does he do next but invites him home for a meal and to help him do some gardening.

I didn't want this dirty smelling stinking person in my home. We argued a few minutes and then I gave in. So I fixed us all some hamburgers cause it's what I had out. That and some soup I made the day before. After they ate my hubby and the dirty stranger, Ray, went out in the backyard to do some spring lawn care. I was not happy about our home being used like a soup kitchen for any ole bum down on his luck. Besides this guy could have been some crazy serial killer or maybe a fraud.

After they worked my hubby brought him in for dinner. I said well I hope you like burgers and soup cause that's what we're having. After dinner my hubby takes Ray upstairs and gives him a wash rag, towel, and shampoo and soap then shows him the shower in the hallway. I thought what next. Yeah well I spoke too soon. He gives him some clothes of his and then says, "honey mind if he sleeps in the family room on the sofa?" Whatever go right ahead. Give him the keys to the car and some spending money also.

Don't want this to be so long so fast forward to one month later he's still sleeping on our sofa down in the family room. Hubby trying to help him find a job. Bugging friends to hire him. Hubby even took him to the barbershop when he went and got him a hair cut and shaved off his ratty beard. They come home and I thought? Geez who's this good looking fellow with my hubby. Oh My God! It's our homeless project Ray. I thought now Damn! He's a good looking guy all cleaned up.

I ended up talking with him and I thought gee you shouldn't be such a mean nasty bitch. I apologized to Ray and he said it's ok I would be cautious too if it had been the other way around. The next day , Monday my hubby left for work and I had got my shower and was heading down to get the clean clothes from the dryer. No clean underwear to get dressed. Ray was just waking up and he got out from the blankets. Oh My! He had morning wood as my hubby calls it. He say me looking and he quickly made his way to the bathroom.

I was standing by the dryer folding clothes taking my time as he opened the bathroom door. He yawned and came over to me. I was wearing my little satin robe. How little? Well If I reached up at all he would have seen my bare cheeks. And guess what I did? Yeah I reached to the shelf over the dryer exposing most of my ass to him. I looked right at him and he swallowed hard. Then he asked if he could help? I said no. I was plotting my next move carefully. I came out with the clothes in the basket and I pretended to trip and drop them. He was right next to me and he grabbed me quick so I didn't fall.

I was in his strong arms looking into his deep blue eyes. My hand grazed his wavy brown hair. He helped me up and I stood on my tippy toes and planted one on his soft lips. He said now why did you do that? Before he could say another word I put my arms around him and began to kiss him. I mean tongue down the throat kiss. That triggered something cause we ended up on the sofa making out like teenagers. I felt his firm strong hands on my ass. So I rubbed his cock through his , I mean my husbands boxers. His penis was quite large. Then I put my hand down the front and was stroking him.

Ray slid down the boxers and I undid my little rob so he could fondle my naked breast and my wet pussy. He ran his long finger through my pubic hair and played with my clit. I marveled at how big he was. Yes he was about eight and half inches of woman pleasing cock. Shit my helpful hubby was just about six on a good day. I slid down to the floor next to him and I began to give him some of the best oral sex I'd ever given. How good? Well he shot off in my little ole mouth in about five or six minutes.

Then he pulled me up to him and we kissed more and rubbed each others bodies and explored with eyes, hands, and mouth. He sucked my perky nipples. I don't have huge breast but they filled his large hands just about perfectly. Then after a while he rolled me over and I help guide him to my promised mound of goodness. His long thick shaft felt so fucking good inside of me. He was easily the biggest lover I'd ever had. I yelled out fuck me baby give me that big huge cock. Give me all your cum lover. We fucked like bunnies trying to repopulate the earth after the flood. From one position to another. Him on top. Me on top. From behind. Finally finished when he stood me up against the family room wall and knocked off a picture the hubby and I had blown up of us on our honeymoon.

Yes right against that wall I felt him cut loose with a huge flood of his semen deep inside my fertile womb. That's when it hit me. Oh shit! The hubby and I were trying to conceive and I stopped taking the pill just about the time he brought this dirty smelly stinky big cocked lover in our little cozy nest. Oh well it's his own fucking fault for being such a bleeding heart do-gooder. Afterwards we kind of didn't say much. I went and got a shower. Then when I came back downstairs I sprayed some air freshener thinking it smelled like pussy and cum. I even washed Ray's blanket and sheets and pillow case. All for nothing cause about thirty minutes before my hubby got home Ray fucked my brains out again. Dinner time was really weird cause both Ray and I kept looking stupid with big grins and laughing at everything and everything.

That night in bed I imagined I was already knocked up with Ray's baby. My hubby wanted to make love to me like he knew what we had done. I tried my best to dis sway him but he wouldn't take no for an answer. Will he notice anything, I thought. He said Amanda you feel like so wet tonight. Probably cause I'm so excited baby. Then he said you also don't feel as well as tight. I panicked and pushed him off me. What the Fuck, Nicholas I exclaimed. Oh sorry I didn't mean anything by it. Yeah like hell you didn't. I figured outrage and anger might change the subject. Like if you are being interrogated by the cops. You show nothing your guilty. Outrage at a question then maybe your innocent. Hey worth a try right. Well it worked and eventually we fucked. Just nowhere near as good as fucking Ray twice that day.

So eventually after Ray and I fucked just about everyday for a couple weeks that fucker up and left with just leaving a note saying thank you so much but time to move on. Probably for the best cause I was coming close to leaving Nick. Then about two more weeks we get the news I'm going to be a mom. Nick was so happy. Then the baby came. It's a girl! Brown hair and big gorgeous blue eyes. My eyes are green and Nicks are brown. He's so stupid he's just happy to have a baby. I think about Ray all the time. Like I sure could use a good fucking right about now. I cruise by Loews hopping no praying I might run into him, I mean his cock you silly fuckers. Men your all so stupid and gullible. Mostly stupid though.


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  • Another Low life wife

  • I disagree. If I were homeless I sure hope I get to her house. Man my dick was so hard after reading this. I'd pound that kitty oh baby.

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