I just found out I'm pregnant

I recently spent an entire weekend with my black lover and now I am pregnant. My husband was away on a hunting trip and I invited my lover over to stay with me. We spent the entire weekend having sex and for the first time we didn't use protection. He came inside of me everytime knowing that I wanted his baby. I am not going to tell my husband that it is my lovers baby. I want to see the look on his face and the others in the delivery room when my sweet black baby comes out of me. My husband is somewhat of a racist so he will flip out when he sees the baby and realizes that I am a black cock slut.

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  • Shit happens. My wife was in love with this guys big black cock and he talked her into getting off the pill and having his baby. Well that sort of screwed things up between us and she said she was going to leave me and move in with him Wrong he told her he just wanted to knock up whitey's wife. Well she had the baby then a second one by another black guy. I ran into her about fours years later and she just cried saying she was so sorry what she did to me because she truly was stupid. I agreed with her. We started dating again talking over the good times we had and now live together for the past six years. Time does heal things.

  • Once she has had the big black cocks she will never be able to stop. I was caught cheating on my husband several times with different black men and I never stopped. Even after he told our whole family. Black men and their cocks are so addicting that she will dream about it until she can't take it anymore. Seems like you should open up your relationship with her and be her cuckold. That way you get to keep her and she gets to keep the black cocks inside of her.

  • I want a black baby so badly. I have had sex whith several black men while my husband works. I have not got pregnant yet but I'm hoping sometime soon

  • A little lazy nigger in the oven.

  • The last time my hubby went on a hunting trip, some bitch came to my house by the next season talking how my hubby knocked her up. I told her she must be some kind of slut and it could never be my husband’s. That year I ended up having to deal with THREE WOMEN having my husbands baby.

  • My hubby married me despite me having 2 kids from my ex,who's black.He was cool with being a fulltime stepdad and had hoped I would give him a baby some day.What I didn't count on was how much I'd miss my exs cock.We're still on good terms and even flirt.And I knew he'd wanna fuck me even more now that I'm married.So with hubby watching the kids I went out one night and my ex invited me back to his and seduced me into bed.I wasn't drunk or anything,I just felt weak and gave in.After that night I felt bad but went back for more.Even in the daytime after taking kids to school I went to see him and was nude with my legs open within a few minutes.Weeks had gone by till I realised I was pregnant.So had to come clean to my husband but strangely enough he was ok with it.Now he's raising my exs 3 kids.He's even ok with me fucking my ex regularly too.Ive stuck to birth control though.

  • Hot story. Makes the story even hotter knowing your husband is a racist and the fact you want a black Mans baby. But all of us girls know that the black man has surely got some powerful sperm and can give a girl those babies.

  • I have had two black babies from two different lovers. My husband loves it and is proud to be raising someone else's kids. He knows I have to have lovers so he has decided to just go with it.

  • Fake, lmfao

  • My brother-in-law's wife had an affair with a black guy and got pregnant but was not sure whether it was his or her husband's. She was due to deliver while he was deployed so mother-in-law and sister-in-law went with her. After the baby was born they sent pics to my wife and it was a black baby. They stayed together for a couple of years but she couldn't stay away from BBC and ended up having a second black baby. That's when he decided to leave. Personally I thought it was pretty hot that she was having black babies. I told that to my wife and after she was over the shock she actually started warming up to the idea of having her own black baby. She tried a few times but no luck.

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