The babysitter

I have this niece, who I baby sit from time to time. She likes to get dressed in front of me, and I think she does it on purpose to let me see her naked. She gets down, butt naked and changes. She's really young so Its kind of weird, but at the same time I enjoy watching her get dressed, because her tits are nice, and her ass is perfect. I know she's just teasing me. Each time she comes over to spend the night, she sleeps by my bed (because I only have one bed). One of these days I'm going to invite her to sleep in the same bed as me, and I know she'll be curious about sex so I'll make a move next time. I'll ask her to give me head. I know she watches it on t.v. all the time and her phone (sex stuff). She must know how to fuck good. I can show her how to do it right. I get so hard when I see her in sexy short dresses, or really tight pants, where her panties are noticeable. She likes to bend over in front of me when shes wearing a dress, she can see me checking her out, but doesnt do anything about it. Just keeps doing it. What should I say to her? What should I do?



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  • I feel like she really wants to fuck me. I mean, shes young and all but she looks just like her mother and I cant help to think about fucking her when I saw her naked body. I want to fuck her so bad

  • How old is she is her pussey bald how big are those tits ?

    You should fuck her pussey as hard as you can.

    Can u please email me some pictures of her naked and some of her tits and Pussey please 😋
    Thank you .

    Sincerely yours
    Kelly .

    In joy that Young pussey I would 😛

  • I think next time you are alone, just be friendly with her. Work into it slowly. Grab her ass each time you hug her. Shell get used to it and want more.

  • I feel you..i got a 16 year old neice named marissa. She has a boyfriend so im pretty sure she fucked before. I really wanna fuck her so badly. Her body is fine. Itll happen.

  • I babysit my 14 year old step-niece, when her parents are out of town. she uses my ipad when she comes by. this one time i caught her masterbating to some porn. It was about an uncle fucking her niece. I asked her why she was doing that then she explained she always had feelings for me since she was a little girl. She is beautiful like her mother so i couldn't say no when she asked to blow me. She visits me often just to blow me. She isnt ready for sex so just gives me head. Spends the night on weekends. I have a girlfriend who doesnt know anything about it and shes a nurse so she works most of the time. She has a place of her own so she isnt there when i watch my step-niece over night. I love her so much. I cant wait till shes 18 to finnally fuck her.

  • What I would recommend you do is find yourself a loaded hangun, stick the barrel in your mouth, pointed upwords towards the roof of your mouth, then squeeze the trigger slowly till you feel your diseased brain exit the top of your skull.

  • I think you should do it

  • She must want your dick

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