She was acting strange

I got home and almost immediately my sister was acting strange, she was asking me questions about my day, what did I have for lunch just making small talk which for us is not the norm. I was sitting in my room going over some stuff on my laptop and I heard a light knock on my door. She was the only other person home at the time so I told her just come on in, she told me she did not just want to walk in without knocking. She started the small talk again and I was listening to her then I asked if everything was alright because this seems odd for you to be so interested in my day. I figured maybe she wanted me to drive her somewhere or something but no far from it. She got all quiet again then out of no where she slowly asks me in practically a whisper if she can see and touch my cock. I sat there for a moment until it sank in that she actually just asked me to do this then I asked her back just about the same question just so I was clear. She nodded up and down then told me that she has been looking at videos of blowjobs and other things and just wants to try it. I was thinking in the back of my mind, okay what the hell is the catch here because this has to be a setup.
I told her after a few more exchanges back and forth that I would change into some shorts and lay down on my bed, she could then do what ever she wanted with me.
I changed into some loose shorts without anything on under them and a T-shirt then laid down on my bed. I told her all was good and she came into my room and sat on the side of my bed then reached over and began running her fingers over the fabric of my shorts feeling my cock. I watched her hand and made myself contract some so that she felt it, she asked me why it moved around like that and I told her it is just a reflex from being touched. She finally moved up onto the bed and reached around the waistband of my shorts and pulled them down then stared at my cock while she did the same thing again with her fingers. She asked me where it was the most sensitive, what feels good, why is this and that, she went on for like fifteen minutes just touching and playing with it. She finally leaned down and began licking and sucking on me and it felt absolutely wonderful after all that teasing. She stopped for a moment and told me to tell her what felt good and what to do more of when sucking. She did everything I told her to do then when I started feeling like I could not longer hold back I asked her if she wanted me to orgasm into her mouth or did she want to stroke me off. She said into her mouth and went back to sucking, I told her when it was coming and she kept going with her lips sucking on the head like I told her to do. I started ejaculating and she closed her eyes and began swallowing while slowly sucking me up and down, I stopped ejaculating so she lifted her head up and began looking down at my cock. I told her to please keep on sucking because I really enjoyed some post orgasm pleasure, she told me okay and went right back to sucking away on me. I told her maybe not all guys like this but I do for sure and about five minutes later I told her she could stop now if she was finished.
She told me that was a lot easier than it looked in videos and my orgasm did not seem to be as intense as some she watched, I told her all guys are different with it but for the most part I was being easy on you since you told me this was your first one. She asked me what I would do differently and I told her that sucking much faster for a bit in the beginning really feels great then a nice slow hard suck to make me orgasm is what I like to have done. She told me okay and then asked how long I wanted to wait to do it again because she really wanted to do it a few times while we had the house to ourselves. I told her well how about thirty minutes and she told me okay and left going back to her room, I still thought it was odd but it went so smooth I was thinking maybe this was going to be a good summer.
She returned to my room and asked me if I liked to be standing for a blowjob, I told her maybe she was watching to many porn movies because any woman I have been with so far in college as wanted me laying down. I told her if she wants to try it we can do it that way so she can decide for herself. She told me she wanted to do it that way so I stood up and she kneeled down in front of me then pulled down my shorts and went right to it licking and sucking on me. I again after a few instructions to her had a great orgasm cumming right into her mouth while she sucked on me really good, I then told her that licking and sucking on my balls feels great to as foreplay but again maybe you ask a guy first to check. She gave me the really look again and then started doing it, I stood there thinking that this was really going to be a great summer.
She licked and sucked her way thru the whole summer pretty much giving me multiple blowjobs a day for about a week or so then just a few a week when she had some new thing she wanted to try out.

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  • Did you end up fucking her? I’d like to hear more

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