Angry and betrayed

My husband and I have been married for twenty years and we have two lovely children. I have often felt like my husband was hiding things from me. Little things like not being where he said he was. Strange phone numbers and texts appearing at all hours on his phone. I just knew he was having an affair and I confronted him. He would always explain it away as something that sounded plausible while telling me how much he loved me. Even so things just didn't add up and I couldn't shake my suspicions.

Then one evening he had been up late working in his office at home. I eyed the clock when he rolled into bed at about 3:00 am but was too tired to ask him what he could possibly been doing so late when he had to work the next day. I dropped the children at school and then I headed home to do the weekly house cleaning. I was vacuuming and dusting in his office when I bent down to empty the trash can. There on the floor by his desk was a picture.

A picture of a man's very large penis. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. It wasn't my husband's penis as he's not that large. So I began to open all the drawers to his desk. The very bottom drawer hidden all the way to the back was what appeared to be a cigar box. My heart was pounding and when I opened the box I couldn't believe what I saw. There were several dozen pictures of naked men. I thumbed through them. They were lying on a bed in various states of naked ness.

I came across one of my naked husband kissing another man whom I didn't recognize. And one of them performing oral sex on one another. My life has been torn upside down. I literally felt like I had been punched in the stomach. I called him at work and asked him how could he do this to me and the children. He played dumb at first but I told him what I found on the floor by his desk. Then I told him I found his hidden stash of torrid sexual photos of men. He hung up and came right home.

He promised me he would get help and stop. I believed him when he told me that he wanted to stop. He went to see a therapist even and we went to a marriage counselor. But it was just more of his lies and deception. I went and got records from the cell provider as I am the one who's the account holder. There before my eyes were hundreds of exchanges between him and another man. Him professing his undying love all the while blowing smoke up my ass.

Betrayed again by a man who can't tell the truth. I've been married to a gay man pretending to be heterosexual his whole life. He finally confessed he's had homosexual relationships since he was about sixteen years old. He just didn't want to displease his overbearing father so he finally decided to marry to put to rest his fathers own suspicions about his sexuality at no regard for me. That and he said his father would disown him and write him out of his will.

My husband's father is an extremely rich and powerful man. I told him well he's going to find out know cause I threw him out and called a really good divorce attorney. I'm afraid he has exposed me to God knows what having unprotected sex with many lovers. So I went and had an Aids test done and waiting to hear back. How could this man do this to me and our children. He's now living with his lover.

I drove over and I told his father what I found. He apologized to me and told me he would make sure the children and I were taking care of. He told me to move on with my life and hopes I can find happiness. He said he was glad his wife wasn't alive to see this cause it would have broken her heart and that she died happy thinking her son was a good honest man and father. He said he hoped that I wouldn't hold his son's discretions against him and not bring his grand children around. I said you didn't do anything wrong anymore than I did. My life has been destroyed by a lying, conniving , selfish SOB. I hope he's proud of himself.


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  • I bet you could really use a good fucking?

  • Probably just his golfing buddy and they were counting strokes while trying to get to the hole.

  • Bless your soul, I can't imagine what you're dealing with right now, I just want to let you know that you did the right thing getting him out of you and your kid's lives. I really hope that you're healthy and not affected by his rampant lying and disregard for your health and safety, as well as disregard for your children's health and safety.

  • Very sad situation. I despise a liar.

  • Ok church lady. Time for your mommy to tuck you into bed Mike Pence.

  • Give him some credit for putting up with your unappealing pussy for 20 years. Or did you give him anal?

  • Did you then fuck his dad? I think that’s what you should do. Or go have a MMF threesome with hubby and his lover. Lighten up it’s just sex. Bet you get all wet thinking about it...just reading this comment you get wet don’t you?

  • You are sick person. It's more than sex. But you don't understand what she's been through. What about those poor children who didn't do anything wrong? I find your comments depraved and utterly lacking of compassion.

  • She could have gotten HIV, it's not just sex, it's health and honesty

  • Oh please. A bit early to play the aids card.

  • This has to be one of the cruelest things you can do to a person who loves you. This happened to my wife with a guy she was actually set to marry. One week before the wedding he came out to her that he was gay. She was crushed as she was truly thinking he was the man she would spend her life with. She didn't date for another 6 yrs and when she did start dating she was very leery of the men she went out with. I dated her for over a year before she began to trust me and open up. It really messed her up mentally and 25yrs later she still questions how he could have done that to her.

  • Well, as long as you avoid being caught with dick pics she will be fine.

    He was lying to himself until he had the courage to stop. Why is she still making it about her?

  • Why didn't you join him and to try out one of those big dicks then????

  • I bet she was drooling looking at all those big cock pics. She just mad her man was getting big cocks and she wasn't. Pure and simple jealousy that's all. The bitch. She was probably a lousy fuck. They only did it how many times? Yeah number of kids?

  • Yes!!!!

  • I once met a woman in a bar. We started talking then dancing and next thing you know we are getting a room. I had no idea she was married until the next morning when I asked if I could take her out to dinner. She then told me her whole story. She met and married a pastor , he was gay and she was his cover. She had sex with who she wanted ,when she wanted as long as she was discrete about it.

  • Get over it, your husband did not choose to be gay, society and his father made him ashamed and caused him to hid it.

  • Yeah but he choose to get married and have kids asshole. He is as sick as the other fags who marry, have kids and ruin so many peoples lives because of that

  • Divorcing someone is not ruining their lives.

  • BS. He broke his commitment to her not once but twice. She has a right to be pissed off about it and what she was exposed to. It's not the fact that he's gay but that he has so little regard for the person who committed her life to him. The act of having sex is a choice... Who you're attracted to is not. She didn't bash him for being gay she bashed him for being an ass.

  • By outing him to his father?

  • If it had been me I would have done fare worse. I would have taken those pictures to his work and exposed that lying sack of shit for what he is. I hope he gets aids and his ass festers into a big open gapping puss hole. Lying fucking cheating bastard.

  • If his wife was a bitch like you he should seek custody of the kids, you sound unstable.

  • His father always knew he was gay. Him getting married only allowed his father and mother a way to deny it to themselves.

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