Wanna do with my sister in law

My hot sister in law is living with our place for sometime now. she is hot af. in her early 20s. I always wanted to have sex with her. got a amzing rack and ass set. One day I was able to touch her boobs on her sleep and that was great. I loved it. I want to cuddle her naked so much. Not feeling romantic just sex with her. How should i make her do it? was planning giving her some sleeping pills and enjoy her too. Because I know she will never do with me intentionly. Not wanna fuck her in the pussy. just wanna feel her small boobs. advice me

1.1 years ago

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    • Some time ago now my wife jokingly accused me of eyeing up her sister whenever she came to visit. I, of course, said that I wasn't but she was slim and attractive. One evening, after a few drinks and suggestive comments wife said that her sister could sleep with me that night if she wanted to. After a bit of denying that we wanted it to happen we did it. SiL was great, a tighter pussy, but actually not as good in bed as my wife. I assumed that the next day that there would be all sorts of accusations but no. Wife was still OK and said that as long as it was her sister and not some unknown 'slut' (her word) that she didn't mind. Over the next couple of weeks of the visit SiL and I had sex many times. Good times and wife and I are still together.

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    • I always wanted to have sex with my uncle l would get horny when I’ll see him and I would touch myself every night thinking about him. I went to his house by myself and I told myself this was the night. So he greeted me like usual and I sat with him at the couch and we talked. He kept looking at my boobs I didn’t say anything I just looked at him smiling and he kept touching them and I grabbed his cock and started rubbing it he got so hard so I got on my knees and sucked him off. It was so good and his cock was so long. We ended having sex and it was amazing.

    • SIL's are always hot

    • Ask your wife, she should know her sister pretty well.

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