I told my husband everything

Yes I told him today, I could no longer contain my guilty pleasure. He took it way better than I thought he would, he didn't shout or scream at me, but gently asked for all the details. I could tell it was turning him on, he isn't blessed with a large penis, however I could see my details were getting him excited.

I started at the beginning, bemoaning his lack of penis size and that he always came before he rode me to orgasm, I told him that I had endured this for 20 years and he never thought of my pleasure, so I decided todo something about it and had. I told him to remove all this clothes while I recounted my adventure. He resultantly did as I asked him. He sat on our marriage bed and I could see his little penis. I began that I had not been away with my girl friends, I had in fact been away with a male friend, I had worn stockings and suspenders and some very revealing clothes and had been fucked every way possible, I had given him access to every hole I have and he had taken my invitation.

I looked for a reaction from my naked husband, I slipped off my damp panties and handed them to him and told him to lick them where they were most damp. His little penis twitched, I then told him to put them on, which he did, almost immediately he came in them. I told him he was pathetic and would possibly never fuck me again.

3 months ago


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    • My wife has fucked a few other men in the 15 years we have been married. All are with my consent. I don't have a small dick but definitely not big. I'm the smaller side of average. Difference between my wife and the OP wife is that mine would never belittle me or threaten to never let me have sex with her. Instead of flat out belittling me, she talks about how well her bf fucks her and how she cums multiple times. I picture it in my head and it gets me going.

    • My wife is way overly patriotic, especially to vets. She fessed up to in 1975 we were just married a couple months, "sometimes I have to pinch myself, I'm not dreaming I'm married, I am married, so behave like a wife." She stops at a yard sale, Sat afternoon at this older guy's house. He flirts with her offers her a beer, -- why not she says -- he's ways too old to want to fuck me -- it's a hot summer day -- maybe I'm showing the old guy too much cleavage. . But she flirts. His wife is in NYC for the weekend with her girls. He's a WWII Vet. 2nd beer they're trading dirty jokes. 3rd beer he tells her his only blowjob ever was a appreciative Mademoiselle at the end of the war. She takes him by the hand into his garage. He was talking to her tits the whole time so she takes her top off, unzips him and sucks his dick. We still have the cool lamp he gave her.
      I gave her a pass.

    • And then you did it again what did he say or do. Tell us more

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