Guys & Heels

Is it weird for a guy to collect "high" heeled platforms, stilettos,pumps just as a hobby ? Also most likely having a heel fetish with a fantasy of having sex with a women wearing heels. Please let me know,

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  • Call it what you want, but I dated an older gentleman who had quite a collection of used heels. He called them his "trophies" of all the women he has been with.

  • Freaks everywhere I swear

  • Nothing wrong with it, you like what you like. I was in damaged homes for my job, and, as I also have a long-time thing/fetish for long nails and nail polish, collected dozens of bottles of nail polish from homes if they were there and usable. I knew the owners were cleaning out everything once I was done anyway, so when had the opportunity, swiped bottles and bottles of nail polish.

    Hit the mother load one job. Woman had three fully-packed canvas bags of mostly brand-new, high-end nail polish, and I collected at least 20 (a lot of favorite). I don't apply or wear it, just really like it.

    If you like high heels, and it's just a thing...Go for it.

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