Sucking for Smokes and Weed...

When I was in my teens and just started High School, I got hooked up with other kids who smoked cigarettes and weed. I REALLY liked it! Some of the kids wanted to get high after school and I did a couple of times but when I got home, my Mom KNEW right away, I was stoned.

I got grounded for a little while but after I was free, I knew I couldn't come home high any more. I figured out a better plan. A neighbor of ours was an older guy who I knew smoked and also smoked weed because I hard my brother telling his friends about him.

I started walking by to check him out. I would wave and say 'hello'. After a couple of conversations, I asked him if I could bum a smoke off him. He chuckled and said: "sure. Follow me." I followed him into the house and he handed me a pack. I took one and he lit it. I asked him if I could just hang for a while while I had a smoke. He said "sure. There's also some weed there if you want some. I have to go take a shower."

He went down the hall and I just hung out, got stoned and had another smoke. He had the TV on and I just laid on the floor watching TV. He came out in a robe and sat down on the couch in front of the coffee table to roll a joint. When I looked back toward him, I could see under the coffee table and his legs were open which pulled his robe open and he had a HUGE dick hanging down!

I just laid there, getting more stoned checking out his big dick. He didn't seem to know (or care) that I could see his big hangin' dick. He would lean this way and that way while he was sitting there talking and smoking and his dick would swing back forth. I couldn't stop looking at it.

I asked him if he would be interested in selling some of his weed. He said "Sure."

Then I asked him "Could I get some free weed if I sucked your big hangin' dick?" His eyes popped out and he looked down and realized I could see it.

He covered himself up and was embarrassed at first but I told him it was cool. I told him "I could crawl under the coffee table and suck your dick for 10 minutes if you want. You can even come in my mouth."

He couldn't believe it but then he opened his robe. I looked under the coffee table and his dick looked like he REALLY like the idea. When he was hard I wan't sure if I could fit it in my mouth. I told him "Let's chill for a little while and let your dick get soft so I can suck it when it's soft."

He nodded and lit the joint. I got more stoned and then smoked a cigarette and snuck under the table and sucked his dick into my mouth while it was still soft.

OMG, it was HOT! I'd NEVER sucked a dick before! It just looked so good and I wanted some free weed! I started sucking and his dick got hard right away and it was hard to suck it. After a couple of minutes, he exploded in my mouth. I don't know why but I loved it! I swallowed it and kept sucking for another 5-6 minutes. He put some weed in a baggie and I took it with me. I ended up coming to "see him" every other week and do the same thing, sneak under the coffee table and suck his big fat dick until he came. I never ran out of weed!


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  • Yeh, that is about all you royals in england would do. never work a day and earn a living or know how it feels to be living in poverty and shit.

  • When I was around the same age I hung out at this neighbors house, god if my parents would have known back then he would probably still be in jail. He told me one day I could have a dozen joints if I let him enjoy my body, I told him he had to use a condom. He just wanted to kiss and lick my body, we never had intercourse, he would give me several orgasms and I would get high. After quite a few of these encounters I asked him if he wanted a blow job, he looked down at the floor and told me that he could not get hard, nothing works anymore.

  • I think we lived near the same guy, unlikely but had the same thing happen to me. My BF went to buy some off of him, he lived two streets over from me and that is how I met him. I guess it was about two months later I wanted a few joints and decided to just go knock on his door, he was a fairly attractive guy actually probably mid 50's at the time. He sold me a few joints and told me to come back anytime and the next time I came back he told me we could work out a trade if I wanted, he could go down on me and we could do as much as I wanted to but minimum he wanted to give me oral and play with my boobs. He was great at oral and I had some of the biggest orgasms from him just licking and sucking on my clit. I really miss that guy actually.

  • Did you suck him off anyway?

  • I use to do this too in highschool. Except it led to lots of sex . I didn't have money so I would just let him fuck me. The sex was amazing and when stoned it was mind blowing. Older guys know how to give it.

  • Weed makes you horney so it’s a win win

  • Definitely

  • And mary jane is not a bad drug...mmm

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