Play with myself in class

I'm in 7th grade and i masturbate alot. Sometimes i play with my pussy in class. I put my backpack on my lap and you cant see my hand. Theres 2 guys that i like and their both in the same class. My teacher is hot also, so sometimes i think about any of them.

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  • I did the same in grade 8, 25 now.. I had shorts on and a big jacket so no one saw what I was up to. I had a rock hard dick so I went to the washroom right away to bust a nut after class was over.

  • Hmm, I bet the uk qe 2 queen and her psycho dyko kids get there playing with themselves dogonka's in class and parliment go on more then we know. does she ever smile on a god dam christmas tv speach? no. what goes on in her panties during that. a hair dryer for leakage from all the boozy bossing.

  • Next time you're in class wear a very short skirt and no underwear. Every so often "accidentally" provide your teacher a very brief glimpse, but don't let him know you're doing it on purpose. Or bend over to pick something up near the guys you like. Give them a show and I can guarantee you that one of them will come on to you.

  • Im kind of afraid to get caught

  • Sounds like you need some dick, I could help you with that 😍 lol

  • Lol I do

  • Where u from lol let me help.

  • I kinda dont want a stranger

  • We could get to know each other. Talk together play together. I live in B.C. hby

  • Maybe you should let your teacher take a peak. He will love it

  • How could i do that?

  • My ex used to ask me to masturbate while at the school (he didn’t go to the same school). Just to satisfy his imagination.

  • Your teacher is thinking about you too i'd imagine.

  • Omg that is so hot! You really think?? I would totally sleep with him

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