Play with myself in class

I'm in 7th grade and i masturbate alot. Sometimes i play with my pussy in class. I put my backpack on my lap and you cant see my hand. Theres 2 guys that i like and their both in the same class. My teacher is hot also, so sometimes i think about any of them.

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  • Had my phone takin away, so couldnt come on here, but i got it back now and alot has happened

    So ive done that same trick with my skirt a few times already. Well my teacher lives in my neighborhood and he asked me to watch his cat a couple of times when he left town. It was weird going in his house, but kinda cool also.

    I saw the post about taking their knickers off and it sounded crazy, but i kept thinking about it and last week i tried it. I went in the bathroom and took off my underwear and put them in my purse then i went back to class. I was wearing shorts, and i sat with my foot on the seat. I think he looked, but i was to scared to look at him while doing it. I wanna try that again but with some shorts that are loser but i dont know because its a little crazy

  • This happens lots, as a teacher I have had lots of girls sit open legged and they have taken their knickers off, nice hairless pussy's even young they know what they r doing

  • Today i did something crazy. I wore a skirt that i kinda pulled up high and I sat so you could see my underwear and I caught him looking

  • Wow you never get caught

  • Never, but i had to go to the bathroom to finish

  • K1k, s n a p?

  • Or any contact

  • No, sorry

  • I did the same in grade 8, 25 now.. I had shorts on and a big jacket so no one saw what I was up to. I had a rock hard dick so I went to the washroom right away to bust a nut after class was over.

  • Hmm, I bet the uk qe 2 queen and her psycho dyko kids get there playing with themselves dogonka's in class and parliment go on more then we know. does she ever smile on a god dam christmas tv speach? no. what goes on in her panties during that. a hair dryer for leakage from all the boozy bossing.


  • Next time you're in class wear a very short skirt and no underwear. Every so often "accidentally" provide your teacher a very brief glimpse, but don't let him know you're doing it on purpose. Or bend over to pick something up near the guys you like. Give them a show and I can guarantee you that one of them will come on to you.

  • I've exposed myself when I was in detention in sixth grade and I'm a guy when the beautiful blonde woman teacher looked over at me all she said was "put it in your pants"

  • Im kind of afraid to get caught

  • Sounds like you need some dick, I could help you with that 😍 lol

  • Lol I do

  • Where u from lol let me help.

  • I kinda dont want a stranger

  • We could get to know each other. Talk together play together. I live in B.C. hby

  • Maybe you should let your teacher take a peak. He will love it

  • How could i do that?

  • My ex used to ask me to masturbate while at the school (he didn’t go to the same school). Just to satisfy his imagination.

  • Your teacher is thinking about you too i'd imagine.

  • Omg that is so hot! You really think?? I would totally sleep with him

  • Then make a move. You can be about 95% sure that he thinks as much about your little ass as you do having his dick in you

  • I dont know how I would do that.

  • Sure you know. Slip your teacher a naughty note one day as class is letting out, maybe with a cheesy picture and your number. Nothing on the internet or social media (too easy to trace). Write what type underwear you like to wear at the end of an assignment you turn in to him just for fun and see where it goes. Again, nothing digital, unless you want to get caught.

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