I cheated

Eric is my husband's best friend. He's also completely hot. We have always softly flirted with each other. Last night we were all drinking and watching football with some other people. I went to the bathroom to go pee , as I was closing the door Eric put his hand up and held it open. He walked straight into me, backing me up . Then closed and locked the door behind himself. I was just staring at him then said what do you think is going to happen in here. With that he pulled his already hard dick out and said first your going to suck me then I'm going to fuck you. That's exactly what happened. Then he said he had better go out the window so no one sees. After I cleaned up and went back to where my husband and everyone was. I felt like everyone was staring at me like they knew. My husband asked if I was ok because I was gone for awhile. I told him yes I just had a bit of a upset tummy. This morning I was still laying in bed when my husband left for work , I began to doze back off when I was awaken by Eric completely naked starting to uncover me. He literally stayed with me most of the day taking me every way possible until I wasn't sure if I was going to be able to walk again. At one point he had even called my husband to thank him for his hospitality last night.

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  • Even if you're married,if you're that way inclined and your husband is unable to pleasure you,if he has a hot friend,under the right circumstances any woman will end up cheating.My husband worked away alot and wasn't overly interested in sex much.When he was he didn't last very long.I ended up in bed with a hot friend of his.The sex was too good,just what I needed and couldn't refuse it.With my husband working out of town alot there isn't even a chance of getting caught and I'm able to fuck his friend guilt free.

  • I know how you feel l'm in the same situation now, and have been for over a year. I might feel a little more guilty if my husband would at least make an effort to please, me, but he just mounts, pumps, comes in 30 seconds, rolls over and goes to sleep. It's as though his relief is all that counts, and I'm not a sexual being at all. When I tried to talk about this, he just walked off. A woman can't spend her whole life frustrated any more than a man can.

  • Have you done anything about it then?

  • Any advise for a married man that has a woman that doesnt like sex?

  • Get her very drunk and then she'll do what ever you want.

  • Find a gay neighbor to blow you.

  • Why doesn't she like sex then?

  • I'm glad to hear that I'm not the only one who does this.

  • Did you ever have fantasies about Eric cornering you before he did so?

  • All the time , I dream about him every time I go to sleep.

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