I was Suprised By What I saw

I was something I wasn't expecting to see, at home its me my husband and our grown up daughter, Saturday lunch time I always go out shopping with a friend, our daughter was still in bed, I said by to my husband and left the house when I got in my car I realised I hadn't asked my husband to wash up, I walked back to the house I was going to tap on the window to remind him, when I looked in I saw my daughter naked talking to her dad he was sat in the arm chair she was stood in front of him, I was shocked to say the least, we are not a nudist family, we close our doors to change our clothes, my husband is a religious he never swears or says anything rude, he was obviously completely comfortable with her being naked, he got up out of the chair unzipped his pants and pulled his cock out, they both went upstairs with her walking in front of him he , I was so shocked, how long has it been going on, the most common incest is between dad and daughter, I haven't said anything to them, I don't know what to do really.


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  • Next time you catch them, strip down and join in

  • I was surprised when I came home unexpectedly to find my husband and our daughter wrestling in our games room they were in there underwear her knickers were up the crack of her bottom, my husbands cock was bulging almost out of the to his boxers, they were bathed in sweat, I have wrestled with him and I know what it leads to the one who looses has to submit to what ever the winner wishes and do exactly what they are told to do, I always lost so the my first submission act was deep throat.

  • How old is the daughter?

  • You know that turns you on when you get back from the store you get to suck you're husbands shaft and he not Knowing you're really is to taste your daughter's pussy or your daughter can taste yours.that would make you wet just thinking about it..momspantysniffer

  • My dad leaves early for work at 5am. As soon as he leaves my mom gets into bed with me. I go to bed early for just this reason. I've got two hours before I have to get up for school. I've always got morning wood, so we get to business right away. There isn't a better way to start the day then your cock fucking a pussy.

  • Nice keep banging mom's pussy x

  • Do you have to tell your husband to take a shower too? They have been at it for a while since your daughter was naked for her dad as soon as you left. Your daughter probably moans like a whore as your husband fucks her tight pussy.

  • Would love my ex wife to catch me pounding my daughter hard and fast . Did you get turned on knowing your husband has fucked you both x

  • Same here dad fucking my daughter can't resist sex with her she gets well taken care of lots of money spent on her

  • Errors from the start. IT not I. Bye. Not by.

    So you decided to post your problem on a sex site. Not on Netmums or something?

    God this is a crock of shit.

  • None of it makes sense. Is the husband retarded? Why does she need to tell a grown man to wash up? And tap on the window? Most people use doors. Or really they’d just text from the car. What response are they looking for here? I would think brother sister would be the most common. Just whatever. This woman is unreal, and if she is real, I think she might be the retarded one.

  • Because he will sit there all day and do nothing

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