My gaping lover

My partner has the biggest pussy ever. After having kids and the use of many pussy-stretching toys, my partner has developed a very loose vagina. So much so, that she can easily take two fists on the regular and can't always hold her bladder. I can't tell you how much this turns me on to see her vagina take ever larger toys and experience bigger and better orgasms. I've become utterly dedicated to her vaginal pleasure. The next step is to put some videos of it online and to start taking requests.

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  • I know a woman down the street that can't pass a fire hydrant without hunching and sliding down on it. Weird, but it puts out her fire.

  • My wife has a large loose pussy as well. Love fisting that. It is amazing. Love to have my whole fist and cock in her. She loves it.

  • Gross dude, Big pussy lips all slopped out

  • I once seen a video of a man putting his whole head in a pussy, better get working on that.

  • I saw that too, and it was fake.

  • A stunt pussy

  • Darling for your sexual pleasure you really need to start fucking her in the arse it should be nice and tight for you.

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