Becoming Addicted to Sharing Pics of My Wife

I stumbled across this site doing some investigation in seeing if I may be unique but turns out I may not be. I have quite an extensive library of photos/vids of my wife and I happened to share this with a friend of mine a few months back and he immediately asked if he could see one. Initially I was taken aback but after some thought I figured what the hell - I can share a "tasteful" bra pic. He says he was impressed and that "they" look like fun.

Couple days later I received a text from him asking if he could "meet her ti**ies", that he had a desire to know what she was hiding. This is a friend who many years ago had shared some pics with me so I figured I could reciprocate. I picked out 3 of my fav topless photos and sent. It was a tremendous rush doing this but it was the feedback that really turned me on. I always though my wife had a nice rack and it was great to hear someone say the same.

Following this I eventually sent these out to a couple more of my friends and it was a tremendous rush to hear things such as spectacular, perfect t*ts, beautiful natural ti***es, etc along with hearing what they would do to them. It has also made our love making much more intense. She is aware that some of this has been shared and was turned on by the comments. I would like to share more of the pics (along with some graphic clips) with these friends but she only gave me a somewhat narrow green light on what I can share.

I am also very curious to see what people who do not know her would say. However, I feel if I were to do this no good could come out of it and may feel bad doing this without her knowledge and that would offset any potential rush. I do see a fair amount of sites where people do share and welcome comments and it sure does look fun.

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