Feeling... Inadequate.

After months of sending flirty messages and outright sexting each other, I finally said 'Fuck it' and cheated on my wife with a lady friend of mine.
Everything was great. We were like teenage kids doing it for the first time. Both a little nervous and excited.
Foreplay was incredible. We just felt so perfect together.
I went down on her and she tasted wonderful.
Over all the months of messaging one thing that she said really stood out in my mind, she said she had a super tight box. 'like more then one finger is too much.'
But as I slipped into her, I went in with no problems...
So now I have to wonder...
Did I get her so wet from eating her out that she was that wet?
Or do I have the smallest dick she has ever had?
(I'm not a porn star, but I have never thought it was little before!)

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  • So I found an old phone of my wife's,charged it up and looked through the pics and vids only to be shocked at the sex vids of her and her ex.Obviously was before I was with her but felt totally inadequate watching her exs huge cock demolish her pussy.It must've been around the 9 inch mark.After watching the other vids,including one of my wife moaning and enjoying it and complimenting his big dick and having him finish his load over her hot boobs,I came to realize my own dick was rock hard.I've since enjoyed numerous wanks watching the clips.

  • Some women just get really wet,it only means they are super horny.Dick size is irrelevant,since one finger can make a woman orgasm and squirt.

  • Chicks often say their pussy is tight in the same way dudes say their dicks are huge - just lies to cover up inadequacy...but does it really matter?

  • Who gives a shit, your busting a nut in her and eating a fresh pussy. Nothing you can do now if your dick is not up to porn star speck. Mine is 5 1/2 and not one complaint, she gets off and so do I.

  • Well sweetie measure your dick and let us know the size ?
    She also might have been tormenting you about her pussie knowing you would really want to try it.

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