I love cheating on my wife! Or soon to be ex wife! Lmao! U didn't want to give up the pussy huh..u POS! Don't worry I cheated on u in everywhich way possible!! I fucked other women raw! I got my dick sucked by some guy and fucked his ass when u thought I was working overtime! Bitch! U ain't shit! Want to use sex as punishment!?! Who said i wasn't gonna have any! Im spreading my thick cock to others that know how to take care of it..u just layed down and did nothing anyway! When we r divorced I will be happy! But until then while we r still together I am still gonna cheat on u and there is 2 things u can do about it..1.nothing 2. Like it...😄 🤣

1.2 years ago

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    • Whore the cunt out! Let your buddies stretch her vagina! I posted pics of my wife on XVideos! LOL.

    • Lol nice..link please!

    • Fuck bro bang away

    • So your wife isn't turned on by you for some reason? Maybe because you're an asshole.

    • Did u not read?!?! He just practically said he needed sex elsewhere bc his wife was horrible

    • Wives are horrible
      You should cheat on them
      With drunk sluts you pick up at airport bars
      Like Camille
      A little fat but she loves when you cum in her face

    • Yep never get married!! Bitches think they don't have to suck dick when they have a ring on their finger! Nah Bitches! Suck that dick!

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