My sister Audrey

I've been wanting to fuck my sister for a long time now. I caught her fucking on my bed once. Since then I wanted a piece of that pussy. We almost fucked once when we were younger but never went all the way. I fantasize about fucking her sometimes when I spend the night at her place. She's so God damn fine, especially when she wears short shorts. I wish I could make it come true and stick my cock in her. I know I could get other girls, but I feel like since I saw her pussy want to try it out. It drives me crazy thinking about it.

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  • One time i was drinking with her at my moms and i squeezed her ass. She just stood there and let me do it. I am not sure if she remembers that. I hope she does.

  • Spend as much time with her as possible. Get your hands on her often to get her used to it, compliment everything about her..If she does her nails, touch and compliment them, or, better yet..Help her do them. Wears something sexy, tell her..Including the shorts. Maybe buy her a few pairs, shorter than the ones she has. She'll feel compelled to wear them for you. And never let a hello or goodbye happen without a quick (or, not so quick) lip kiss to send her the message..I want you. Work on her little by little, and you'll be fucking the hell out of her soon..And a lot.

  • I would love to ask her to do my nails. Just to hold her hand. Being her brother i dontthink shed mind. She does beauty so perfect. I can buy her some sexy short shorts for her. She makes anything look good. When she wears a shirt with no bra her nipples stick out. And it really turns me on. If you read this audrey message me asking to come by for dinner.

  • If she spent the night I'd whip it out and let her see it. I know she'd give me head and fuck me right there.

  • I’ve seen my sister madturbate her amazingly perfect pissy. I feel the same as you do. I can get a lot of girls, but it’s my sisters pussy I desire to taste. I want to smell it. I want to cum deep in it. I saved the screenshots of her fingering herself and rub off to them often. I’d love to get her panties if I can’t have the real thing. I best she smells and tastes amazing.

  • Just ask her all she can say is NO

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