How did you discover your fetish?

Here's my story!
I was watching UFC while my GF was there. She said she wants to be an MMA fighter as well. This was just to flirt a little bit. Anyways. So we ended up in the situation where we were wrestling (she wanted to wrestle with me). So I knew that I had the better ground game than her obviously so I let her choose the position we started in. She wanted to sit on my stomach. So we started and I got out of that very quickly. I was in the back mount (I was sitting on her back), turned her arround and got her into the full mount (I was sitting on her stomach). While I was sitting on her stomach I already knew that I discovered my kink. I stayed in that position for a minute or so. I could have changed the position to win but I enjoyed it so much, I stayed there. Before the next fight in the UFC event started I stopped to watch the fight.

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    • You discover your fetishes by the things that turn you on. Where they come from who knows, but they will be with you for life.

    • My aunt use to go out clubbing very often and she would wear 6inch heels as she walked out the house, over a couple months I started to enjoy the way she walked in high heels and loved the way her feet arched in her heels and I loved how her legs looked so long with them on after, I found out I have to heel fetish when I walked into my girlfriend's room and seen a pair of stilettos in her closet and my heart started beating fast and I asked if she would model them for me, and she did I felt very aroused seeing her wearing them and walking around the house with them

    • My babysitter in the mid-80s. She was around 16 and was the pure 80s rocker girl. Always wearing those rocker boots with chains or Reebok Freestyles. I played with my toys in front of the couch a lot. She would sit on the couch watching MTV. Often she would kick at my toys, pushing them over. Always playful. Sometimes I would lay on my stomach and she would place her boots or sneakers on my back. I loved how this felt. Sometimes I would turn over and she would place them on my stomach. Many times I would lay there unsure why but I loved how the leather felt. Her boots or the Reeboks. She would allow me to massage her feet through the shoe. I gained a rock-hard shoe fetish that has lasted over 40 years.

    • Love the Reebok Freestyles. My mom wore them in the '80s and '90s. After she had worn them all night bartending She would get home around 3 am In the morning and take them off in the doorway and go to bed. I often would get them, smell them, lick them clean, jack off with them. They were so soft. I once overheard her telling a friend how her Reeboks hardly ever were dirty or tracked dirt. lol.
      My wife has 7 pairs of Freestyles and very much knows of my fetish and pushes it. She will allow me to clean her reeboks while wearing them and use me as her footstool with them on watching TV.

    • Always had to wait for my gf’s mom to leave before I went over. Was 18. Once I watched as she walked away and she was wearing tight pants and she looked so good in them. Her butt looked so good. As I entered my gf’s place, I noticed her mom’s Pantygirdles drying. Took one home . And returned it the next day after jerking off with it. It was an old pair and I loved that it was so used. Was such a turn on knowing what kind of panties she wore. Been addicted to Pantygirdles since and still thinking of her mom 20 years on

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