My wife still has no idea

When we were younger we were both pretty adventurous with sex, we did some pretty crazy things and one night I let a friend lick her for quite some time. I talked my wife into bondage one night and told a friend of mine that lived a few houses down from us that I would call him if it was a go. All I had to do was call him and he did not have to pick up just come down to our house and sneak into the bedroom. I was giving her all the foreplay I could waiting to see him come into the bedroom, she was on the bed but her hips were near the bottom of it. He just had to kneel on the floor and lick her all he wanted to while I watched him. He looked at me then leaned over her body and began licking and sucking on her nipples, she was responding as she always did with moans and quick breaths. He lingered there for a bit then kissed his way down to her pussy where he licked and fingered her for quite some time giving her a few orgasms. She was blindfolded and had no idea who was giving her all this pleasure as she moaned out from her second orgasm begging me to stop because her clit felt like it was being tickled badly. He stopped and backed up then walked out into the hallway, I gave him a thumbs up and he left, I began running my fingers over her body again giving her some light tickling and nipple play. I then started untying her so we could have some more fun, she asked me why I was feeling so oral that night and I told her something but do not remember.

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  • Oh she knew alright

  • Oral is Awesome. I’ve got some friends whose wives I’d love to do that to.
    Did he lick her butthole? That’s my favorite. Makes em squeal

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