What is your deepest fantasy?

What is your deepest fantasy? The kind that you think about often, but perhaps are reluctant to tell to your bf/gf/spouse?

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  • My husband knows I love showing off my nude body and playing with myself in front of other men, he finds it hot that other men want me. But every time I'm putting on a show I want to fuck them all so bad. My husband only knows I love being nude, but has no idea that I'd let them fuck me if any of them ever came up to me and tried

  • Just ask him.. He might be waiting for you to ask him. Tell him it’s something you want but know it won’t happen unless he’s cool with it.
    Is there any certain guy?

  • -Nude oil wrestling US Olympic gymnast Gabby Douglas for hours
    -i'd like to get with a woman who squirts during sex once in my life just to see if i like her doing it all over my face
    -strangers watching me jack off
    -i'd be up to get pegged by a woman; again, just to see if i like it
    -tying girls up, with consent, and fucking them. I hogtied a woman before rimming and finger-banging her. Want that again
    -just about anything that involves porn star cindy starfall

  • That i want to fuck the 15 year old daughter of a friend at work even though i'm 47. I want her little ass bad.

  • That my wife falls off a cliff!

  • Have my wife stop at the hunting camp on the was home during deer season. The fuck every guy there and come home to me to fuck

  • I would love it if the neighbor behind me would come over one morning after the kids are off to school, rip off my clothes then pleasure me until lunch. I would really love that to happen, I should walk over to his house and tell him to do that to me.

  • Only you can make it happen. I’m sure he feels the same way if your attractive

  • When the kids leave anything goes.

  • I have an older cousin that I'd like to fuck. She's in her 40s now, but is still as beautiful as ever: blonde, nice firm tits, great ass. Once when we were younger we felt each other up. Hers was the first wet pussy I ever touched. She's been in my mind ever since.

  • Watch my wife fuck an ex lover with his 10” cock and she swore he was every bit that big. She said she would sneak to fuck him knowing he had a girlfriend his cock was that good. Watch her friend Stacy hook up with a guy she just met. She is gorgeous recently divorced and rumor is she’s a true size queen and can fuck all night long.

  • I’ve wanted to watch some of my wife’s hot friends gettzing fucked out ladies night out. My wife says guys are always coming up and flirting with them. They are always getting napkins with names and phone numbers. I would love to know which one of them acted out on them. My wife could easily be one of them.My wife has stated several of them might have left flirted and chatted up longer than usual possibly hooking up wit them and saying they were leaving for the night.All her friends are married and smoking hot and love attention

  • I'm a fairly decent looking guy in good shape and I've always wanted to either have a girlfriend who was a prostitute or be one myself. I would be a common street walking hoe. I've also wanted to be tied to a bed and have a guy fuck me all night if he wanted to.

  • I, 20f, just started a new job and my boss, who is in his 40s, is so hot. I damn near melt when he's around. I fantasize about giving him a bj and fucking him in his office. He's way too proper though. Married, proper, professional, coaches youth soccer and all that. That kind of stuff just makes me want him more.

  • Who knows.. maybe you could change his attitude. Try it, dress a little sexy flirt just a little

  • I want my husband to come home and find me tied up, like a few guys broke in and had their way with me leaving cum dripping out of me, down my chin and across my cheeks.
    We moved several years ago and I wanted so badly to tell the guys doing it that when they were done unloading the truck to just rip my clothes off and do what they wanted to me.
    I lay back and close my eyes playing these scenes over in my head while my hands and fingers roam my body.

  • This is easy. The next time an opportunity happens for you take two belts and kneel on the floor. Tighten the belts on each leg around your ankle and upper thigh, put a pair of hand cuffs on with your hands behind your back. This quick simple set up works great for repair guys or just surprising your husband and if you really want to give up more control put a simple dowel between your knees spreading them out and get a ring gag to prop your mouth open

  • I want to shoot my cum all over my sister in law's face.

  • My wife drunk on a dirty mattress in the back room of a black bar with a line of black men down the hall waiting their turn.

  • Does she find them attractive or made any mention of wanting a hung guy ?

  • Would please me very much if my wife would find a boyfriend. Don’t have to be there when they make love . Just want to see how much cum he dumped in her . And her tell me if she enjoyed it how big he was all the details. All details

  • You think she’s the type that’s has sex with guys at work but hides it very well,?

  • I want my wife to dress me up, make me her pretty lil gal, make me lick my precum out of the panties, after i fuck her, pin me down and sit on my face letting all my cum get smeared on me. I want her to find a trusted friend to share stories with.

  • I did go down on my wife after she fucked my boss according to her his male member was shaped like Huge mushroom her vagina was red And swollen I ate his cum out of her wish I could her to do it again

  • I have always wanted my husband to unknowingly go down on me , right after I had sex with someone else. I realize that this is extremely difficult to make happen. But a few times it almost did.

  • I tried to get my girlfriend at the time donthis for me. I knew she was fucking a guy from work who had the biggest penis she ever imagined. She just wouldn’t let me. She would drive home late after getting pumped by him all night and would immediately take a shower

  • It’s great when you find out very big turn on

  • It is great to lick his cum out of her especially if he was so big her cunt is red and swollen

  • Yes ate my wife’s pussy after my boss with his Mushroom shaped cock her pussy was very red and swollen his cum tasted great want her to do him more often

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