Do you get turned on by cheating?

I hate to admit it, but I do. The dirtier the better! The higher the risk of getting hot!

My biggest fantasy is to sneak a woman in and fuck her brains out while my wife is passed out.

I know that’s bad, but the fantasy is so hot!!!!

Anyone else a bad partner or spouse?

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  • I’d love for you to sneak my virgin fiancée in, take the time needed for her to adjust to you, and fuck her brains out, with your wife passed out. It’s my fantasy for another man to do that and I know you’d love to feel a pussy that’s much tighter than your wife’s. Be very bad!

  • I never cheated until recently (married 27 years). My husband has health issues and has a hard time maintaining an erection. I've cheated a bit, he doesn't like it, but he knows about it and we're too financially committed to each other to ever divorce. He understands that there is a big difference between being a couple and just wanting to get fucked good.

  • For me it was the thrill. I “was” married at the time and so was my hot neighbor. She was in her 40s,beautiful, yet her fat husband was a slob. She said he had a tiny dick and I was more than willing to show her mine. I use to sneak through the woods between our houses meet and have sex. We ended up getting caught one day by one of our other neighbors walking her dog. Word kinda went all over town. I divorced and left town. She stayed married.

  • I was a serial cheater and what goes with that is a world of shit when your busted. Cost me a large 6 figures in divorce court so as you may guess I'm over the cheating thing.

  • My husband knows that I cheat. He never brings it up. We never talk about it. When I get home from being with someone else , he is at his most excited state and we make love almost immediately.

  • I don't really know why I do it but I get extremely turned on and only ever cheat with men that know my husband. I have seduced some of his friends and a few of his co workers. My husband has always been really full of himself so I guess that plays into it ,knowing the guys I have cheated with see him and think " I fucked your wife ,or your wife sucked my cock. " The worst I have done though was at his company clam bake. My husband got pretty drunk and was basically ignoring me while he played horse shoes with some of the managers. I had gone back to the car to get cigarettes and met up with two guys smoking a joint. They shared it with me and while we talked I found out they worked on projects with my husband. That was all it took ,we finished the joint and I got on my knees and sucked them . I soon found myself getting fucked from behind while leaning over a tailgate and sucking the guy off that was sitting in front of me. The ride home sitting next to my husband with my panties soaking with cum had me going crazy. We fucked as soon as we got in the door , he had no idea he was the second guy to use my pussy that night.

  • I wish my virgin fiancée would do this with people I know, specifically someone I hate. The humiliation would turn me on like nothing else. I want them to think “ I took your fiancée’s virginity” or “your fiancée chose me over you to be the first man she has sex with.”

  • Not just the act of cheating but also who you fuck.5 years ago when I was 19 I started fucking my boyfriends older half brother.After I got married 2 years ago I still fuck him occasionally.

  • Married 12 years, and cheated on my husband once. We were on a fishing trip with married friends of ours, and I had a crush on his friend. During the whole weekend, I only had time alone with him once, when our spouses and kids were out by the lake, a couple of hundred feet from our trailer. We smoked a bowl and got stoned in the trailer, and I mentioned that I was feeling horny. He pulled my bikini bottoms aside and we had a quickie right there. His wife came in right after we finished, and I didn't even have time to clean up. She never noticed the globs of her husband's jizz running down my inner thigh lol.

  • Thats fucking hot!

  • That’s always how it starts isn’t it? A couple hits, a couple lines, a couple tabs, then the skirt is up to the waist, the panties are pulled aside and there is a cock in me so far the head is poking through my goddam cervix

  • I think it’s hot. I once cheated while at a party with my boyfriend. I went in to this guys room to do a couple lines and I ended up bouncing on his cock.

  • Y do u have to sneak her in if ur wife is already passed out???

  • I've been married for 11 years. Cheated on her with 3 women and 4 men. All 3 women weren't just a one off. One I slept with anywhere from 2-4 times a week for over a year. Currently sleeping with a guy that lives very close. Once a week (would be more but schedules conflict) for the past 3 years.

  • Adultry is a sin. You will surely burn in Hell for all eternity for straying outside of your relationship. You must immediately repent your sins and beg for your wife and your Lords forgiveness. Either that or just tell God to fuck off, and keep on fucking anything that moves. Either way, you might want to consider your wifes feelings for a brief second.

  • Marriage is a sin.

  • Homosexual and mixed race marriage is a sin. God approves of most normal marriage, provided it conforms to His long list of provisions.

  • We had been out one night with my husband's cousin . My husband proceeded to get drunk and acted like a miserable asshole most of the night. By the time we got home he was passed out in the car so we had to practically carry him into the house. We dropped him on the couch and I thanked his cousin giving him a hug. That hug turned into a kiss then me sliding down to my knees and unzipping his jeans. He was looking down at me and mouthed "are you crazy?" as I started sucking his cock right next to my passed out husband. When I say right next to him I mean I was right next to his head ,my shoulder touching the couch he was on. I ended up on my hands and knees getting fucked while facing my husband only a foot away from us. It was hot as hell!

  • Omg so hot

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