Husband's fantasies

Once every three months my husband tell's me his deepest fantasy. Then if able I make it happen , I best to make sure it goes the way he wants it to. It was this time last year when he asked me to have sex with two men at the same time. He wanted to watch one screwing me from behind while I sucked on another. The reason I do the living fantasy for my husband is to keep our relationship fresh and open. It's been fantastic. I really don't have very many complaints or concerns. Until Saturday night. His fantasy was to watch me with a group of men. I was doing everything he wanted and I thought everything was going great. No one was complaining. I noticed that as a guy would finish they would hand him something, shake his hand and then leave. I basically accused him of making me a prostitute , he said that no money changed hands and it's all in my head. I'm curious if anyone here was involved on Saturday, may 5 our Cinco de Mayo party and paid for sex.

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  • Unknown to me my husband has set me up with a few of his friend and when he looses at poker night well put it this way I got a lot of sex for 2 days and nights.

  • Its amazing what you will do for money.Years ago when the recession hit we were young naive newlyweds.My husband lost his job and we were getting into debt.So we talked about borrowing money from people.He told me to borrow from an ex.My ex was quite well off.And he said he would for sex.So I told my husband and he said do it.

  • We're supposed to be having a bunch of people over this weekend for a big memorial day BBQ

  • Better make sure your pussy, arse and mouth are in the best possible working order sweetie.

  • Darling you should get a part of the action at least half of what he charges, don't take no for an answer tell him you are not fucking any more till you get your share.
    I was in a lesbian relationship for four years and my girlfriend "Dom" used to spread me around mainly with older Lesbian's for $50 to $200 a time depending on whether I stayed with them overnight after three months I demanded a fair cut and ended up getting it so I worked really hard and made a mint, that plus my usual job set me up for life, once I was ready I ceased everything and now have a relationship with a great older lady that really looks after me.

  • I didn't see anyone exchanging anything last night ,so maybe I was wrong I don't know

  • Darling maybe he is getting a bit smarter and accepting the money before they get there, no doubt your being pimped around he is making quite a lot from your cunt, arse and mouth, enjoy it sweetie your just an unpaid whore.

  • I hope he's not charging his friends and whoever else comes over. That just makes me feel like a cheap hooker. We had a wonderful weekend. For the first time men were asking me if I would be willing to meet with them privately. so if I find out he has been charging people I may just go out on my own.

  • Just the opportunity that you need meet one you like privately but say " you realise only under the same conditions as if my husband were there" bet you 100% he pulls out some money before he fucks you.
    Let us know how things turn out please ?

  • 20 dollars he paid me 20 fucken dollars to have sex with me. Thank you for your suggestion now my heart is hurt

  • It's not your fault I'm sorry. I'm just hurt. I would have thought I was worth more than a 20. Husband pissing me off

  • Do you know if he has a sliding charge scale for mouth, pussie or arse ?
    Maybe you should stop doing it for him unless he starts paying you, or start up on your own it could be a good little side earner especially if you select a group of only nice customers.

  • From what I have found out I believe it's just $20 to do what ever with me.

  • Well there you go Darling your officially a prostitute maybe a cheap prostitute but still.
    How does it feel ?

  • Confusion and bewildered is mostly what I'm feeling now

  • So basically you fuck or something with other men to please your husband. Do you like it as well ?

  • I'm not going to lie about it. Yes it can be very fun and full filling.

  • Wish I knew where you are.....lll make it fun and FULFILL you with my cum!

  • Well that's up to him to invite you really. He feels that if I do to often it would be cheating.

  • I have to say that sounds really hot. I'm getting hard just thinking about it. I get that you're starting to have some trust issues now. Your husband needs to be completely honest with you. There is no other way to make swinging work. You're willing to make his fantasies come true. He has to give you complete honesty as part of the deal.

  • Thank you thank you that's exactly what I'm saying.

  • I guess I must be

  • I love whores! my wife is one and I love to watch her with black men.

  • Darling your a hooker so get used to it.

  • Because it was supposed to be for us to grow together and have an amazing sex life. Not for him to turn it in to some money making scenario , literally turning me into a hooker.

  • What's wrong if they paid? My wife has done gangbangs for me. I charge the guys and she finds it a turn on. She jokes its the only time she makes money for something she wants to do. I've even let a guy pay 2k to take her for a weekend. She loves it.

  • Yep. He charged $10 for your mouth and $20 if we wanted to cum in your snatch.

  • If you’re hot looking trust me It would certainly be any guys pleasure to be able to have an golden opportunity to have sex with you

  • Thank you. I believe that I am decent looking. Most men comments are that I'm beautiful and or something like that.

  • Well, a photo would definitely prove your beauty. I believe you would be stunning. I would certainly like to be one of the participants in your fantasy game!

  • I can't find out how to send a pic here

  • Email address?


  • Hmm ok what is it and I'll send you a pic


  • I sent you a quick message

  • Yes but u didnt reply

  • I did and I sent you a picture

  • Did you get my message with email address?

  • Yes I did. I’m driving over to meet you

  • Dumbass.

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