My sexual awakening too

I read another post about sexual awakening on this site. That made me sit down and write about something that happened to me. Because it was huge and absolutely true.

Tennis was my game when I was twelve years old and my favorite tennis partner was Dennis. He lived a few houses down from me. One morning I went to Denny’s house to borrow his racquet. I knew he wasn’t home but figured his mom would be, and she was. Mrs S. greeted me at the door in her pink robe. She was a tall, full-figured woman with brown hair and a warm smile. She was also from the south and called me “darlin”, which I liked.

She let me in the house and I ran to Denny’s room to get his racquet. As I was leaving the house I heard swearing from inside the garage. It was Mrs S. She was standing by a wooden bench piled high with newspapers. She explained that Dennis was supposed to put those papers in the trunk of her car so she could take them to the recycling center. I was anxious to play tennis but offered to help put them in the car. She thanked me and told me she would take the papers off the bench, hand them to me so I could stuff them into the trunk. So we did.

Now, each time Mrs S would grab a pile of newspapers she would hold them tight under her boobs. This would inadvertently push her tits up and they would try to push through the top of her robe. Each time I would turn around to get an armful of newspapers from her, I would be greeted by a small pile of papers beneath these enormous tits trying to escape the top of her robe! And each time Mrs S. turned around the belt on her robe would slacken a little bit. Pretty soon I would turn to look down this silky smooth valley of tremendous breasts. I was dumbstruck. I tried to think of something to say but couldn’t...and didn’t.

Then as I was placing a pile of papers in the car trunk I heard a crash (and some swearing) behind me. A pile of newspapers had slid off the bench and onto the floor. As I turned to see what had happened, Mrs S. crouched down and started picking up the spilled papers. When she did, the whole top of her robe opened up. And suddenly I was looking straight down at her completely exposed chest. I saw both her large breasts swaying with each move she made. I saw her large dark nipples as they bounced at the tip of her tremendous chest. Mrs S realized that her robe had opened and quickly pulled the top closed. But as she resumed gathering papers, the top opened back up and once again I was staring at her magnificent chest.

She eventually gathered the papers from the floor and managed to partially close the top of her robe. We finished putting the papers in the car. She thanked me and gathered me in for a hug. She pulled me right into her chest, right into that exposed valley between her breasts. Her robe was still partially open and my cheek was pressed up against the skin of her chest. I could see her breast inside her robe, her dark aereola and the fullness of her nipple...just inches from my lips. She wispered “Thank you darlin’” and kissed the top of my head.

Without a doubt event turned on my sexual switch. Suddenly tennis wasn’t as important as - tits. I’ve relived that morning countless times in my mind and remember it clearly, though it happened over twenty years ago.

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