Lonely Widow Becomes Gilf

He's my meals on wheels guy and I enjoy his attention and company from time to time. I think of him as if he was there for me as a replacement for my deceased hubby. I guess I provoked him by having him spend some of his delivery time listening to my woes. He was a younger volunteering man helping senior citizens like me. I never really thought of being properly dress when he stopped by with my meal. I would be in my robe with nothing on underneath. I started to kiss and hug him as thanks for listening to me.
Then one day I offered him a cup of coffee while we chatted. My robe was slightly opening up. Then the unexpected happened. He got off his chair and stood behind me. He began to massage my shoulders and slipped a hand in my robe. I figured to let him have his thrill since my breasts has been neglected ever since my husband died. I enjoyed the massage so much that I grabbed his hand and led him into my bedroom. He convinced me in removing my robe and lay on the bed with my chest and belly down on the bed while I receive a stress removal massage from him. His hands felt so good on my back. I sort of was getting turned turned on sexually by the massage and him being such a gentleman, I had to extend my arm out and feel his privates. He undid his pants so I could see his endowment. My husband should of had dick like him.
He rolled me over rubbing his hands up and down my front. I haven't been groped in years and it was wicked of me to enjoy the attention. Especially when he rubbed my clit. Then to my surprise he pushed my legs apart and tongued me there. It was a great turn on for me. If only my husband did that to me before he past away. I had to lift up my tits and suck on the nipples. That turned him on so much that I watch him masturbate standing next to the bed with his dick as I played with my saggy breasts. He shot his load all over them. My husband never had such a large load.
I got to the point where I really wanted to please him and kept an open sexual mind.

1.1 years ago

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