My husband is a cuckold

My husband and I have been together for a few years (we're both about 30) and have always had good sex. Last year, he told me he was into the idea of being cuckolded by a bigger black guy and watching me with him. I was hesitant at first, especially because the guy and my husband had already talked about it, but it was actually such a turn on.

I love knowing that my husband is watching while I have dirty, uninhibited sex with another man. He likes me to talk dirty about the big black cock inside me, how it feels so much better than my husbands. He's basically dripping precum the entire time, then after I get a creampie, he'll lick my pussy while jerking himself until he cums.

We still have all kinds of sex together, and i think our sex life is better because of the cuckolding.

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  • My wife started cucking me with black men and now im addicted to black cock too

  • This is very hot,I love it.A bit like me and my wife,we were pretty much newly married in our early twenties when I told her I wanted her to try out a bigger dick.Mainly because I was the only guy she had ever been with.When we we moved to our new place we soon made friends with our neighbour.A single guy in his late thirties,he wasn't black but he was very large.Watching him fuck my pretty little wife with his big dick opened up new emotions and desires for me.It was sex on a different level,I learnt alot but couldn't pull off what he did to her.Making her moan and orgasm in ways I had never been able to.I watched and held off my own orgasm until they were both done,until he had released his seed in her.Then I would kneel between her legs and watch her gaping pussy let out some of his semen,I would wipe it up with my own hard cock and push it back in before fucking her cum filled vagina.Not lasting long I soon filled her with my cum.And we both watched our dirty work seep out of her.

  • My wife and I started this exact same thing a couple of years ago. I love it as much as she does. Black men only and we have sex more now than we ever have

  • Same here my wife 35 hot and in great shape and only will have sex with BLM men. They have dp’d her many time. With friends love watching black guy fuck her annd cum inside my wife

  • Same here with my wife she started playing with black guys and our sex is better than ever. As far as knowing what her black lover gets her into I try not to ask to much though I know he has dp’d her with his friends a lot and it’s a big turn on.

  • Yes dp’ing white wives is important to bulk guys it seems. I think they have gb her but she avoids the subject

  • Wish we would live close you could do my wife and I could eat your cum out of her

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