I can't help myself when I'm around my wife aunt

I can't help myself when I'm around her. My wife's aunt is about 55 years old. She's maybe 5'6", 120 to 130 lbs. A beautiful set of breasts that drive me crazy. She's a wonderful dancer and moves so sensually. As much as I try to avoid it every time I am around her I get hard. She came over for dinner this weekend and while sitting on the living room having some drinks she noticed the bulge in my pants. We danced together at a party a couple months ago and she felt my bulge when we danced close. I want to f*** her so bad.

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  • Wife’s aunt and I also have a crush on each other. It happens. We have confessed our crushes and flirt heavily. Not sure where this is going but the temptation is real

  • You will know if she is flirting by the way she looks at you

  • Next time you've got wood around her, just drop trou and see what happens.

  • Do you think there’s any chance of getting with her? Need to keep building up that relationship. Remind her how of well she always looks,smells good. I bet she could use a good hard stiff cock in her

  • Forget the great rack. Have you told her that she's a wonderful dancer and that she moves with such exquisite sensuality? Start with that.

    If she ever busts you for an erection, explain to her that you've hard this problem since dancing with her at the party. Say that she'll have to teach you how NOT to do that because you can't stop it.

  • Do it.

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