My Aunt

I can't help myself when I'm around her. My wife's aunt is about 55 years old. She's maybe 5'6", 120 to 130 lbs. A beautiful set of breasts that drive me crazy. She's a wonderful dancer and moves so sensually. As much as I try to avoid it every time I am around her I get hard. She came over for dinner this weekend and while sitting on the living room having some drinks she noticed the bulge in my pants. We danced together at a party a couple months ago and she felt my bulge when we danced close. I want to f*** her so bad.

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  • My friend was shagging his Aunt a few years back. I don't know how he managed to get her in bed but I saw them kissing once. So it does happen.

  • You need to take you aunt out to dinner so the two of you can be away from family and friends. Pick a nice place like the Radisson that has a restaurant, bar, and a hotel. Make sure you aunt has some drinks and feeling good when you suggest dancing closely together one of their hotel rooms. There will be little, or no dancing, but you will be closely together again. With a bed right there, might as well get each others clothes off and do some serious fucking.

  • Exactly, some people just need to be brave

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