Still can’t believe it.

Last night I meet up with a guy I meet on a popular gay hookup app. I hardly ever fool around with dudes but the two times I have in the past have just been either swapping bjs with the one guy. Or I swapped bjs with the other guy and tipped him. I’ve been curious about having a real dick in my ass for a while.(have had dildos but nothing real or big.) This Guy has a very thick 7+ inch uncut cock that I figured would hurt but couldn’t resist. I got to his house and immediately started to jerk him before dropping to my knees and talking his rock hard monster in my mouth. I sucked him off till I started to taste precum then asked him to fuck me. Took him a while to get it in even all lubed up and once he did it hurt for a few seconds. Then it was pure Ecstasy!! He pounded me long and hard doggy style and my cock was leak more precum than I had ever seen. If he would’ve kept going a little longer I probably would’ve cum without touching my cock. He got tired though and had me ride him which was fun but didn’t feel nearly as good as him hammering my hole doggy style. After he came he jerked me off till I ended up squirting cum like a super soaker all over. Now all I can think about is taking another cock up my ass. Maybe even getting gangbanged by multiple cocks! One thing I know though is next time I want bareback and a load of cum inside me!!!

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  • Amazes me how many guys post on these apps and want to suck cock. I get mine sucked anytime I want thru doublelist and one guy in his seventies gave me his phone number after coming over once and told me to text him anytime I want to be sucked. So far he has done it every time I text him and he swallows, sucking on me for sometimes two orgasms.

  • Sure hasbean and beaner - the inside snood.

  • How vulgar you are confessing this trash.

  • Don't go bareback, dumbfuck.

  • Why not?

  • Meghan Markle and Prince Harry Step Out to Honor Gravely Sick Kids at Emotional Awards. how touching of them. they are the gravely sick kids ! pair of squat dogs! ugly as too. what ugly kids they will have. old tom could be harrys father yet? lol and look, mixing those fat genes with fat spencer cuz there all fat as, genes and fat royal genes will lead them to trouble.

  • Take your meds

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