Mother house party

I was a single child of a single mother although we had plenty of friends, when i was 16 my mother had a party for her 40th birthday and around 2pm everyone left and mum was drunk .

Mum hugged me and said that she was going to bed, as i was going to bed mum shouted my name so i went to her room and she said she might be sick and can i get her a bowl just incase.

So off I go to get a bowl and when I returned i put the bowl beside the bed when mum said how lovely I was and waved me over and said to me to take her shoes off for her , then she wanted me to unzip her dress , she did manage to get up and let her dress fall to the floor and slumped back on her bed.

I was about to leave when she waved me back over and said to lay down with her so i did , she said I'm still dressed and to take off my jeans and t shirt so i did , so now me and my mother are both laying on her bed just in our underwear.

My mum started to cuddle into me that's when i got a hard on . Now i don't know if she thought she was with someone else but she pulled me into her breasts and put her hands into my pants and was then pulling my foreskin back quite hard I was just in amazement and said nothing when she pushed my head down to her pussy .

As i went down she pulled me on top of her and removed my pants and started sucking me off. So i removed her nickers and me and my mother was in a 69 position, at 16 i had never had sex before but i started licking her out as she was sucking me off .

She was sucking and groping me so hard i came in her mouth and she swallowed it all saying mmmm yummy! .
I was thinking wtf , being 16 i had an erection still when she said she wanted me in her ! So I'm now fucking my own mother i think she came when i cam again inside her , we spent the whole night together , in the morning is another story.

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  • Nice, post what happened the following morning!

  • From what i remember I felt quite awkward in the morning but mum was like nothing happened other than a hang over , me and mum had lots of sex together and many sexy times, since that time it was along time ago now I'm 50 and she's going on 74 now but we had great time .

    After that party she would even come into the bathroom when i was having a bath for a pee , she would stand to wipe he vagina dropping the toilet paper into the toilet and pulling up her nickers then sit on the toilet talking and looking at me.

    Even wash my back and my penis . She had big vagina lips .

    We haven't done anything for about 10 years now but i still fantasize about those times

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