Dad left , slept with mum

Mum and dad argued alot and one night he left in the middle of the night after a lot of shouting, i was 14 and listened to this for over an hour.

I was upset and when i heard the front door slam and dads car start and drive off .

I went to find mum in their bedroom with the lights out stood by the window , i asked what was happening and has dad left ? . I was scared and mum was angry .

I asked mum if i could sleep in her room ? She said yes, so as we laid in bed mum snuggles into my back and the gentle warmth coming from her was so nice .

It actually gave me an erection which mum soon found when she wrapped her arm around me , she gave a hmmm sound then she put her left hand into my pajama bottoms and just left her hand on my erect penis.

Then she started to twiddle with my penis as she was doing this she pulled me onto my back and went under the blankets pulling my pajama bottoms down along with my pants.

That's when i felt my penis feel wet , my mum had my penis in her mouth , it took a few seconds before i came in her mouth but i still had the erection .

Me and my mum was naked in bed and she when she sat over me putting my still erect penis in her vagina . She did (what i now know)came on me before she got off and we slept together naked all night .

Nothing has ever been said about this night

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