My hen night

Now this is a horny tale about my hen night 5 years ago,I should have known better than to trust my friend carys,she'd booked upstairs at a wine bar in town,we had a limousine down,there was around 15 of us including my mother and sister,the night was a blast and then the strippers turned up,of course they made a beeline for me,I've got to say they were gorgeous and they were well blessed in the trouser department!! I was helpless as they tied me to a chair,their cocks were flapping about in my face,I give them both blowjobs,low and behold my mother comes to my aid! They didn't know she was my mum for a bit until she told them,I sucked one off while my dirty mother sucked the other one,she's my daughter mind mum said to one of them! Well isn't that filthy,in the back room you two are going later!!! He wasn't joking! After the show their manager came onto my mother and asked if me and her would join the boys for a drink out the back room!! Mum took my hand and lead me out the back,come in girls have a seat,grab a drink,so your really mother and daughter? We are,what did you think about when your daughter had the two of us together then mum? I could see she needed help! Does she need help now then? Both guys put their cocks in my face again!! Oh mum help her out!! They laughed,we were sat on chairs opposite each other,I could see mum sucking this strippers cock,my one says to me you like watching your mother with my mates cock? Oi Mrs you up for being fucked he asked mum! I think that's a yes pal!! Get over that chair you old slut,mum lifted her dress and the stripper pulled down her knickers!! Your mum's a tart both said,he started fucking her,then his mate had a turn,daughters turn! I was over the chair next to mum! I had trousers on so the pulled them down he ripped my underwear off,and started fucking me,I turned to mum she was grunting like mad,my guy fucked me really fast I was groaning too,swap they said,your mother's pussy juice is all over my cock and I'm putting it up you now you sluts mum looked at me and smiled,god I haven't been fucked like this in years,we're going to cum in your mouths bitches! My guy pulled out of me and told mum to taste your daughters cunt and mum's guy did the same to me! We swallowed every drop. If only my dad and my husband new what happened that night

19 days ago

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