Bisexual man

I am a bi-sexual single man in my 40's. I sought out and found another bi-male and we meet monthly (or more often) in hotel rooms around the city (NICE hotels - makes it really great). We have been meeting for about 6 months and we have had a wonderful time every time. Sharing and acting on fantasies with another man is amazing. We both have ended up doing things together because we talked about it and did it. I never imagined wearing satin panties and a slip, on my knees pulling down another man's panties who was standing in front of me so I could make him orgasm.....there is so much more - it has been the most erotic experience of my life! and yes - we've involved a woman who really likes to watch :-)

2 months ago

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    • I want to join

    • That’s AMAZING!! You are literally living my greatest fantasy! I’m bi and married to a straight woman (who knows but isn’t open to the idea of adding someone to our bed AT ALL) and I’ve always wanted to have a bi boyfriend and add a man on man loving woman watch us fuck and masturbate herself and hopefully join in the fun!! Soo jealous!! Get it dude!! Have as much fun and swallow as much boy and girl cum as you possibly can while you can!!

    • She doesn't join in- but just watches.....but she is so encouraging and verbal with us - it is amazing how excited she gets. What is also amazing is being with another man and doing things to him that edge and tease him. And finally explode. There is nothing like the feeling of being on my knees performing oral on him. The first time I did that - I c*** without even touching myself!

    • When i was a kid of about 14 the very first time i got on my knees to suck a dick i shot off as soon as i took his dick in one hand and my lips touched his dick, i was very very aroused. he was probably about 50 ,nice size dick, he approached me in the park restroom, i was always easy.

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