Glory hole fun

I have a few rental properties and when one of them was empty I decided to have some fun for a few months and build a glory hole off the garage side door. I posted ads and never told anyone if I was a man or woman, the first few guys were quite impressive as I figured most men coming to something like this would not be that attractive. I could see them coming in on a side camera I had set up but once they walked into the door the only thing they saw was a slot in the wall and darkness behind it.
It took some time with a few of them to put their cocks thru, they were pretty nervous but once they finally did it all I heard was moaning. I had never really thought much about giving head to guys after college, I did it with a few friends back then because sexual harassment seemed all the rage and a few of us decided that a dark room and a guys mouth felt the same as a woman. We kept it to just blowjobs and quite often I gave more than I received for some reason because I enjoyed it. I still received cock sucking from them but quite often I would tell them that I was going to my room and I would set up a sheet over my closet door. I knew which on it was just based on the cock size but I still loved the anonymous feeling of being behind the sheet. I often gave multiple blow jobs on the weekends telling them that as long as I was in there I felt like doing it and they never stopped coming in for blow jobs.
I now found myself in a great situation to do the same thing again with guys coming in anonymously and getting a blowjob, thru a condom of course but as thin as they are it feels the same using extra large ones. The first few guys were average but a few weekends into it this guy showed up with a cock so large the condom was stretched over it. He had to be nine inches long and his girth was impressive, I imagine women were very happy with it filling them. I really enjoyed sucking on it and I could barely get my mouth around his head.
So the glory hole only lasted a few months but I had a great time sucking cocks and will do it again next time the house is empty.

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